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Communication and Technology School at Diego Rivera Learning Complex Reviews

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My expirence was good because the teachers cared about students' education. I wish that this school changes their bell schedule to block because students will have time to learn and absorb new information.
The school is fine but not the best. You are mainly on your own when it comes to your grades. Teachers rarely help you to become a better student. Students are whatever. Take AP classes and college courses to get into a better university. Start doing well in your freshman year!
At communication and technology school at Diego rivera learning complex, you are well heard from administrators and counselors. Not to mention being helpful by providing us with the best resources to execute the year and pass all of our classes. The name itself gets the attention from incoming students that we are a technological environment, and for most people that's what they are interested in. That's what catched my attention to go attend this particular school.
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This has made me very independent, due to the fact the majority of the school was one particular race; but I loved it.
I love the CATS family: peers, teachers, support staff, and every other person involved in our learning experience. I truly believe the entire CATS staff is there for one purpose, to help the student succeed. It is not always academically that they do this; sometimes it is through other life lessons that are taught throughout the 4 year high school experience. The school could be excellent if not for the fact that many students do not take education very seriously, being located where we are. If the attitudes of the students are changed and they learn that they too can be successful, then the environment would change. CATS Pride! CATS Pride!
I would love to see the administration more determined to see students succeed and graduate. They need a push and as an old student I would love to see more resources being used as I had to leave because I neve got the classes I needed.
Honestly the school overall is decent, I can not complain. The only problems are that there are many students who make our school look bad. Being a school that is located in what is considered the ghetto and having students like that just makes the generalization and the stereotype of the students in this community somewhat true. I feel as if we are a statistic.

I feel as if our school need more spirit for we are not as involved with each other.
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