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What I liked about cma was the people I meet. I enjoyed meeting new people and having different experiences. I liked that they wanted us to be prepared for college and had the right staff help us get ready for college.
CMA is a well rounded school with teachers that care about the well-being of their students. The school promotes academics first and adds sports for extra curriculum activity. The principal shows her support for her students and expect the teachers to do the same. It would be nice to have updated classrooms and painted hallways.
It is a school that you just have to get used to. During my education at this school, there was not much for me personally. If you want to be a great writer or anything along those lines, this school has some pretty good English teachers that I have met. Overall, this school is nothing special.
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For the most part I have learned quite a bit over the last couple of years and I do feel closer to being college ready, but I didn’t really have a persay “fun” high school experience, I haven’t really had a moment that I want to remember yet.
I like how the teachers and other people working in the school all seem to really care about the students.
Very Strict school , zero tolerance policy for fighting even if you argue they consider it a fight. School work is pretty easy though
I liked the class sizes at CMA as well as the relationship the teachers had with the students. CMA helped me blossom from 9th grade. They helped me turn a traumatic experience into a obtainable one.
My experience about Communication & Media Arts High School is that it's an average school where some subjects are hard, but it's worth the hard work and success. The diversity is okay, most students are either African Americans or Native American, some who are Hispanics, Indian, and Nigerian.
I am an alumni of Communication and Media Arts HS from the year of 2016. CMA as a whole a really good school that has great intentions for students in their future. With the small school consisting of only 550 students the staff does the best the possibly can to try and leave no student behind. There aren’t many options student get to choose from when it comes to different clubs and sports with CMA only having access to the basic sports (Basketball, Football, Track & Field etc.). The surrounding areas weren’t typically the best around the school but the security always made sure they patrolled the are before, during l, and after school when students were heading home.
The school overall is good, I would only change the the help that we get from teachers. Like tutoring and after school classes for students that are struggling understanding the subject. Instead of just failing and having to do extended day school and summer school.
This school will teach discipline and get you ready for college. In my experience it takes a lot of patience to deal with the rules and norms of the school, but you get so much out of it. The teams are doing well and any additions would make them great. More clubs could be added. There are free SAT prep courses for juniors and a classes built mainly around taking the SAT.
This school is small which means it’s not as diverse as other schools and i believe this school should get a bigger building to help change that
My school experience has been pretty rocky since it has been my first year attending a DPSCD. Even though the teachers try to be active in a students academic life most students still fall behind because the school is fast pace. Also, there is a lot of test prep that is pushed upon students heavily so you could do your best to keep the school in a “great testing environment”. Overall my experience was great.
I like that there are some teachers I have a very great relationship with, but some rules should change and there should be more clubs and subjects.
I did not like there foods it was terrible. They need Heat and A/c. The school academics are great. It gets you ready for college.
Communication and Media Arts is a very nice school it gets you ready for college and also prepares you for college
I liked the academics of the school, they were very challenging. However, i didn't like the class sizes, they were overcrowded.
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The school was okay, it's not all that. Everyone is pretty much in a clique, don't try to fit in to be part of the popular kids who will most likely drop out or don't graduate. The principal is kind of mean and strict, but she can also be a great person too once you get to know her for a while. A parent for 2017 made school jackets for us and hosted our senior trip at Florida. As I started school in 10th grade, I always felt left out due to my 'dorkiness', but now as I graduate, I know that I am a part of class 2017!
I believe CMA is the most underrated school. It's just as good as Cass and Renaissance. You have a principal who you can have 1 on 1 conversations with. And classes that can challenge. Sure the building could use an upgrade, but if I had to choose again, this is the school I'd want to graduate from.
At CMA High the curriculum is challenging. We have rules and a strictness that keeps us all focused. We have a 100% college acceptance rate and a 98% graduation rate. The teachers know each and every student personally ensuring student growth. The class sizes are average.
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