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I am the parent of a Commonwealth student and we have been very pleased with the quality of the education, teachers and relationships between students. Given the smaller size and city location, it is a different experience - for folks who choose a city experience and excellent academics over sports and social problems. They have handled covid better than most of the area schools based on conversations with friends and we feel our daughter has been able to maintain her progress.
The best of Commonwealth is the faculty and staffs! They are very caring and dedicated to help each student to improve and grow. My son started quite a few weeks late on the first year. I was very much impressed with how the school planned for my son’s curriculum. They truly encourage the students to take off as high as they can. The teachers are so helpful that my son was able to quickly catch up everything.

The low teacher-student ratio makes it easy to schedule a meeting with any teacher to discuss any issues and concerns. The administration is very supportive who had worked very hard to create my son’s schedule due to course change this fall, while they were so busy with preparing the school for the hybrid learning mode. They amazingly turned the in-person learning to fully remote during the spring break.

Commonwealth school offers authentic education. You'll see how fantastic students development themselves to be intellectual, responsible and sensible young people.
We love, love, love Commonwealth. My child is a senior and has been delighted and fired up intellectually by the great teaching and class discussions. At the same time, the small, safe environment has supported her in exploring her extracurricular interests. The work is challenging, and my daughter has learning differences (dyslexia), but she has gotten tremendous support from her teachers and the school, which has made all the difference. We are so grateful to have found Commonwealth.
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Commonwealth is an exceptionally unique place. It provides the intellectual rigor and depth of experience that one would typically expect from a top-tier college, but at the same time creates a warm "family-like" environment in which some students will absolutely thrive.

The school used to indulge in a culture of "learning for the sake of learning" but has since shifted more towards prepping students to apply for top colleges. Both STEM and humanities programs are extraordinarily strong, with teachers often boasting PhDs from Harvard, MIT, Yale, Oxford, etc. The caliber of teachers fosters a natural research environment that can be deeply rewarding for the right type of student.

I may not have fully appreciated how lucky I was to attend at the time, but I will forever look fondly on my years as a student.
I’ve seen that this school deletes all comments that are not in the 4 or 5 star category, so I assume this will be taken down soon. This school is not committed to student well being or safety and actively misleads applicants about school culture.
My daughter is an alum of the school. Her experience at Commonwealth was superb!
Caring faculty, collaborative environment, first rate academics and importantly a culture that teaches the students to take academic risk and to push way beyond the memorization/regurgitation of many high school experiences. My daughter grew tremendously as a person as she was pushed to be the best she could be but in a supportive, encouraging way. She was VERY well prepared for a rigorous college curriculum and is light years ahead of many of her fellow classmates in her ability/poise to tackle hard things in college. Not the school for everyone but for students looking for the challenge without the cut throat atmosphere, Commonwealth is a gem!
Commonwealth School has dramatically changed me as a person. I entered as a shy freshman who didn’t have much confidence to talk about my own ideas. Now, as a junior, I can find the confidence to express myself in class discussions and in conversations with my friends. I feel that I am prepared for what life will throw at me in the future. Academically, I have become much more well-rounded, being allowed to pursue my interests in college-level math and science courses while also greatly improving my analytical skills in English and history. The teachers are extremely passionate, friendly, and always willing to help. Due to the small size, Commonwealth has a very tight-knit community. I am very grateful for having come to Commonwealth, and I believe that others will, too.
Commonwealth is a school that has a lot to offer, and it is up to each student to choose what they will make of their time here. It has played an important and supportive role in my development both as a student and as a person. Here, I have always felt supported in my quest for knowledge, understanding, and a challenge. I love going to class with others who share my love of learning and genuine interest in the material, and with teachers who put their hearts into their lessons and who come to know their students as individuals. While being a student at Commonwealth can be demanding at times, the understanding we gain in our classes as well as the excitement of learning new things and being able to do so in an encouraging and helpful environment are huge sources of motivation. It is a really special place, and I am grateful to be a part of it.
As a student, I really enjoy it here. It provides a challenge that I was looking for in middle school, and has great academics.
Our son is a freshman. He loves the school’s programs and activities. Commonwealth School has the best student advisory program. It is a very safe school.
For me, the experience of being at Commonwealth for the past two years has given me a whole new perspective of the world on many fronts. I've learned to push past the boundaries of surface level thought to the extent that I read with a completely different mindset and eye. My creative side has been given room to flourish in both the visual and performing (!!) arts, places introverted-middle-school-me never thought could be an option. I'm able to take college level courses across all subjects that are genuinely challenging and thought-provoking. The Back Bay location has given me the independence to use Boston as my resource. But most importantly, I've found a school with an amazing, tight-knit community — something I value (and needed) greatly. Just the fact that everyone knows everyone and everyone's best interest is to see each other grow is one of the best things about this school. I encourage anyone who is willing to put in the work and is also passionate about learning to apply.
I've loved my time at Commonwealth, it's pushed me in new directions and to new heights both academically and personally. I've discovered a passion for community service, expanded my writing skills, and gotten over my fear of math. The teachers are very engaged with their subjects and are always available to you outside of class. The discussion-style classes encourage creative and careful thought, grounded in textual analysis, experimentation, and writing proofs. I'm very glad to have taken the chance and spent my highschool years at Commonwealth.
The Commonwealth School has done an excellent job of preparing our daughter for college, graduate school and life. The academics are excellent and the faculty commitment and availability is remarkable. Our daughter has been challenged and stretched has grown independent and confident at this gem of a school in Boston's Back Bay. I feel they have delivered everything they promised and more.
My experience at Commonwealth has been spectacular. The academics are challenging and taught by teachers who are passionate about their subjects and see teaching as more than just a job — they are actually excited to be in the classroom, which makes the experience that much better for the students. The school is very small, which can be slightly constricting for some people, but also means that everyone knows everyone, which makes the school a very close and welcoming place. I, a female student interested in STEM, have never experienced any gender-based discrimination at the school, and every single one of my advanced math and science classes has been approximately gender-balanced (50/50 or 60/40). Commonwealth has given me a place to grow academically and socially, where caring about school is not judged and the students and teachers want to be there. I would absolutely recommend the school to any student passionate about learning and willing to work hard.
Our son is currently a junior and his experience has been remarkable. The teachers could be teaching at a college level but have chosen to work with high school students for the small, nurturing environment they can attain. The academics are at the highest level but, more importantly, there is a maturity and support in the student body that is unparalleled. The kids really want to learn and celebrate the pursuit of knowledge. When our son was struggling with a subject the teacher suggested a weekly meeting to figure out what his approach to the homework was and how to improve his learning style. The administration is approachable and caring and always puts the student at the center of the discussion. They leverage their small size to the greatest advantage- creating a warm and nurturing, yet academically stimulating environment for a diverse and motivated group of kids. Our son has found intellectual growth, wonderful friends and a steady confidence in his 2 years there.
We picked Commonwealth over bigger name schools, and our child has thrived. It’s a place where smart kids light up. Even kids who seem quiet elsewhere grow into their voices and have something to say. Commonwealth has one of the best student:teacher ratios we’ve seen. Our student has reached out to teachers and had no problem arranging meetings for extra help. The academics are rigorous and the payoff, real. Our student has dramatically improved writing, and has already studied many books I was required to read as an Ivy League undergrad. Because most Commonwealth kids commute, they learn independence and how to get around using public transit. Within months, our teenager figured out how to meet up with friends on the North Shore and get to community service south of Boston.
Commonwealth's faculty deliver a level of academic rigor that I've been unable to find at other schools. Just as amazing to me is the amount of nurturing and support the school is able to provide to students in attaining their full potential. Thanks to Commonwealth's small size, students are able to meet one on one with their advisors on a weekly basis. A good number of the faculty have university teaching experience, yet it's abundantly clear from the individual attention they give students both in and out of the classroom that they're at Commonwealth because they love teaching and working with teenagers. Another key ingredient in the quality of this school are the students it attracts: bright, curious, unpretentious, and not cliquish. My daughter, who tends toward quiet and reserved, has been at the school as a ninth grader for under a month, but has already made close friends. We're extremely fortunate to have found this school; I can't recommend it enough!
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Commonwealth's strengths are its strong community and excellent academics. The teachers challenge students to think, create, and question, which results in a highly engaged and intellectually stimulated student body. All of the teachers are terrific, and you can see how passionate they are about their subjects and students. My child has gained confidence and learned important critical thinking skills while at Commonwealth, which will well-prepare him for college and beyond. The community is tight-knit, but welcoming, inclusive and diverse, which allows for a range of perspectives both in the classroom and without. The Back Bay location also expands the school's campus to include all of Boston, and students are able to take full advantage of all the resources the city has to offer.
Teachers graduate from ivy leagues and very high ranked colleges and are very helpful. Also, academics are great and rigorous.
As parents, we believe Commonwealth is one of the best private high schools as it relates to academic excellence. The majority of students go on to attend top rated colleges, and are very well prepared for life beyond high school. It's a small, close-knit school in the Back Bay of Boston, and that enables a very low student to teacher ratio. The curriculum does not follow a strict, purely traditional format. The interactive style of teaching encourages students to think out of the box.
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