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I like the flexibility it gives me to learn at my own pace. I can work ahead on classes and get help from my teachers when I need it. There are many field trips and clubs to choose from. Another reason I like CCA is the internship opportunities and the ability to customize my schedule with what I want to do after high school. Not all schools offer this type of rigorous scheduling. Some days I get my classes done by 12 noon or some days it may take me till late in the day. This flexibility is what I really love!
Commonwealth Charter Academy works to better it's student's for the future. The school offers a wide range of classes, allowing a student to branch out and explore new interests. The school is a cyber school, which means the students get to learn from the comfort of home. The workload for each class is larger than an average public school, but the teachers are readily available to help you. But you must be self motivated, as it is very easy to fall behind otherwise.
A good school for diverse learning. They have good electives for everybody. Ranging from Economics to First Aid to Photography to Criminal investigation to Sports management. Electives that let you discover what you want to do later in life.
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I like the classes and events they provided for the students. Was very challenging and I believe it prepared my child for College.
Hello my name is Deanna Rosario . I am 17 years old and I am a former student of CCA charter academy .
My overall experience with cca has been amazing . I am able to fit my schedule around it , as I do work a full time job .
I am able to work at a pace that is comfortable. CCA makes it possible for a student with a busy life to still complete their courses and stay ahead of their education . The teachers are amazing and so very much helpful . The academics are useful for everyday life and not to difficult . We have a lot of diversity and spread so much acceptance. There are so many cultures and different ethnicities. The safety procedures are very thought out . It is a judge free zone . They will not tolerate any type of bullying or judgements statements .
I ask to be awarded this scholar ship to better my future and succeed with my goals .
Thank you for this opportunity.
Deanna Rosario representing class of 2021’
It fits the needs of every student there. Very diverse. Faculty and staff are very nice and helpful. Highly recommend.
I am a former student from Commonwealth Charter Academy, I went to this school since the seventh grade. This school is very warming and good. Parents and students can always conversation with teachers and staff. They have live lessons to help you understand lessons better. They have a great technical support team in case you have any technical difficulties. They only issue that i feel this school has it does take them about a week to two weeks to get back to you if you call and have to leave a message. I recommend this school for everyone.
I was tired of traditional public school for my 1st grade son. He was able to start 2 days after I submitted all his paperwork in the month of April. His teacher will usually respond right away to any questions that I have about my son's work. The chat option isn't the best and she gave me a number to text her on. The work is the same that the teach in public school including the apps that the give the children to use during class time. I am happy that the Math isn't the crazy, confusing common core that they were teaching at his former school. My son loves the live classes and is able to be on cam with his other classmates.
In the past, I gave CCA 5 stars, and my daughter, who graduated in 2017, did really well there. This year, my twin boys, who were in 9th grade, did very poorly, and I feel that it had much to do with the changes made to the system. Communication was very poor, they were supposed to be adding a chat feature so that they could contact their teacher with quick questions, but that really never worked for them. None of the teachers called me, even when my boys were struggling. I only talked to one teacher all year, and it was because she called to make sure my kids were signed up for testing. It was hard to stay involved, one son took Spanish and had to go back and forth between internet explorer and chrome because he couldn't get all of the lesson features to work on either platform. We didn't know who our guidance counselor was until the end of the year. We will be going somewhere else next year.
I liked the fact that I could work at my own pace and do work whenever and wherever I wanted. My ability to be pushed farther by my teachers and connect with peers even though the internet was a unique experience.
We have been with CCA since my son started Kindergarten. My son is going to 8th now. We are so happy with CCA, I've never even considered another school, He is in all Honors classes and straight As. He is one grade level up in math but could be farther but I felt he should spend more time on other subjects like ELA and Spanish. I can't compare his experience to any other school because this is the only one he's ever known. All the teachers are friendly and supportive. The curriculum and classes are well thought out and structured, but we also have the flexibility we need.
The teachers are there for their students. The material is challenging enough without stressing out my students. We love the field trips. The school grows with your student we have been with CCA for 9 years now and we aren't going anywhere soon.
It was a very helpful and open school. If you needed to miss a class they would excuse you from class and there was always recordings of that class.
My senior year, they changed their website to edio. It was not well tested, and it had many glitches. They had not tested it properly before they sent it out to the students. I liked that the new website had more opportunities for clubs and social interaction, but the glitches prevented me from continuing with edio, and my mom pulled me out to do traditional homeschooling.
Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) granted me the educational opportunities and support that I didn't receive attending public school. Being able to study on my own schedule and working at my own pace, my grades and educational opportunities soared with this school.
I've been here since the 8th-now a junior. Thanks to CCAs teachers and classes I feel like I am more prepared for my future. Thanks to their manageable schedule I am also able to practice a life of my own. Best decision I could have ever made about my education.
This school is so supportive. I play basketball and my teachers are always on top of things. And always make sure I get caught up.
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I absolutely loved this school! Every teacher I've had is fantastic! They truly care about your grades, as well as give you excellent one-on-one time. I am a student who always has a lot of questions about what we're learning, and my teachers always took the time to talk with me, answer every one of my questions, and give explanations that truly made sense!
I love the teachers, the field trips, and I also love how we have a flexible schedule to do our schoolwork.
I loved the flexibility of online learning. They always provided plenty of resources and support to ensure quality education at a level that worked for me as well as other individuals.