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Commodore Perry Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Commodore Perry is a small school. It is like a closely knit family, caring for each other. Students and teachers can interact easily with each other. A student is not overwhelmed by then size of school or class. A great place to go and learn.
Each student gets the individual help needed in order to understand something they may be struggling with. The academics vary with how much you learn that may be needed in the future. Some classes offer more knowledge than others. Sports in CP get everyone involved and show not only sportsmanship, but how one team can turn into a family in every sport we provide even if there might be a dispute here and there. It’s a regular high school with the drama and academics. CP has many good sides to it, and I wouldn’t of wanted to go anywhere else. When I graduate, I hope to move on from such a small school and join a bigger community so I can be more involved and meet new people and see new things. CP is the start of making any dream come true with the support of the staff.
Commodore Perry is your average small town school. It has decent academics. I recommended that you take the highest classes offered here. The harder the classes to more prepared you'll be for college. Most of the teachers are super understanding and willing to help you in their class. You will have to take it upon yourself to ask for help, they're not going to know you're struggling with something unless you say so.
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Commodore Perry was such a life changing for school for me. I cam from a huge school where I was just a face to being a person and knowing all of my teachers on a personal level. for being a small school, many programs were available to help with getting graduated. There were also many clubs that I took part in. I would not change a thing about my experience here. I absolutely loved it.
The extracurricular activities at Commodore Perry include, but not limited to: National Honor Society, Academic Decathlon, Drama Club, and many sports. When a student joins a club or sport at Commodore Perry they are expected to be committed to the program by participation. Not only are students committed to their activities, but many parents involve themselves within programs, for example to help coach a team.
Commodore Perry is unique because of its small classroom which allows for a better teacher-student ratio. This ratio is important because it allows for one teacher to have more of a one on one connection with each student which makes it hard for students to fall behind. I especially enjoyed that is Commodore Perry is a small school where everyone knows everyone, so when tragedy hits we are all there for one another. The best part and most unique quality of Commodore Perry is that because of its small size it allows for the facility to not only be a school, but a strong community.
Teachers at Commodore Perry are very diverse in the way they teach, therefore they try to teach using different techniques because they understand not every student learns the same way. Teachers adjust the curriculum to fit their students' learning needs, do this shows how important it is to the teachers to educate each student, so they can grasp the criteria. If a student is having difficulties in a class the teachers at Commodore Perry are always willing to help before school, Prep periods, and after school. By the teachers communicating with the students about different methods of learning and getting extra help allows for each student to work in an environment where they know they wont be "left behind".
This school has been upgrading its safety measures lately, with new security cameras and an armed sercurity guard.
Overall, the teachers at this school really care about the students and want to be available to help them.
There is many opportunities for extracurricular activities at Commodore Perry. They are always well supervised and organized. I am in a few extracurricular activities and they are always very enjoyable to participate in and also many of my other peers participate in them as well.
The teachers at Commodore Perry really are great. They are very knowledgeable on the information they are teaching and always go above and beyond in their lessons. The lessons are always very intriguing and each teacher has different teaching techniques that way each student can learn from the teacher. The teachers are very caring and supportive and always put in extra time and effort to make sure that all of their students succeed.
My experience at Commodore Perry has been really great. I love that the school is small so everybody knows each other pretty well. Our school is kind of like a big family and everybody is very supportive of each other. I feel that the sports and other activities are very well organized and supported within the school and in the community as well. The administration is also great. They are all so caring and genuinely care for all of their students. I have gone to this school since I was in kindergarten and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
It is not crazy secure, but for the area it is in its not necessary for it to be. Everybody feels safe and that's all that matters.
There are a tremendous amount of extracurricular activities offered, especially considering the fact that school is extremely small. Some of the programs need improving , but for the most part they are very good programs.
Most parents are there for not only their own kids but their kids' friends and peers and try to make the best environment possible for everyone. Most parents go to every event they can, home or away, to support the kids.
Most of the teachers find ways to make all of their students have an environment they feel comfortable in and can learn in. Many try to make learning fun in the best way that they can.
For the most part our teachers are there to give us the best education possible and prepare us for the future. Of course though, there are teachers there who teach us nothing but what we have to know to pass standardized tests.
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Despite our small size, I have never experienced bullying as a serious issue. However, it could happen and I could just not be aware because I do not allow myself to become involved. Personal safety is strong because we just received a grant for a security guard who all the students love.
I think I have seen a lot of improvement in the food service industry in the school's cafeteria throughout the years I have been at this school, both in the quality and variety of the food, as well as the staff.
As a senior here at CP, I wholeheartedly stand behind the statement that this year's administration stands above the rest. Though there are flaws such as the wavering dress code and some other double standardized policies, the administration and faculty have done a great job in their outreach towards the student body.
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