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Colville High School gave me a well rounded education, especially given the rural area that it is located in. Despite the fact that I see many areas that could use some major improvement, I enjoyed much of my time there.
I liked how a lot of the teachers were there for you when you needed them. There was a good amount of teachers throughout the school that had the students best interest in mind and did all that they could to help them pass. What I think could change is the way the students treat each other and the way teachers handle situations when students are treating each other badly.
I like Colville High School because the teachers are either very nice, very skilled in the area they teach, or usually both. I have never seen anything in desperate need of repair or replacement, and the interior looks nice. There's nothing really that I would want to change.
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Tons of clubs that incorporate all kinds of backgrounds and beliefs. Variety of vocational and fine arts classes. Good sports programs, good atmosphere, helpful teachers.
Attending this school has been wonderful, the staff is kind, the teachers are involved and supportive, and the campus is well kept and safe. Colville Senior High School is a great place to send your children for a valuable education.
I like the small town feel. Everyone knows everyone and it's nice to see familiar faces. The teachers are able to have one on one time with students with the smaller class sizes. At this school teachers honestly have the best interest of the students. They put in the extra work if the students are willing to. Students have the opportunity to grow here with all the different classes, sports, and clubs offered here. Each individual is able to find something that fits their personality and interests. I enjoy the art department at Colville High School. It is a diverse class that teaches culture, history, and of course art. I would like to see improvement of college preparedness for seniors. It would be nice to have a time when all seniors can meet up and go through the college process together whether it be applying, FAFSA, housing and meal plan, or scholarship info.
Colville High School has a very acceled music program thats under the direction of Brent Purvis. There has been a lot of jazz fests and multiple musical oppertunities. There is also a very good athletic department and we are very competitive. I think that some of the teachers should have better focuses and ideal for their students and that the teaching curicular should benifit more students then hinder them.
Some of the teachers are nice, but not overly helpful. If you have any opinion that is different from the majority you will be ostracized. I ended up taking some classes online just so I would not have to be at this school all day.
My experience at this school was very short but good! The staff tries very hard to make sure you are having academic and emotional success. The community is very supportive of extra curricular activities. There are clubs and sports available to every kind of student. The only note of improvement I would have for this school, is that the lunch room definitely needs to be expanded. Sometimes you were forced to eat outside when it is cold because, there would be no space left in the lunch room for you to sit down at. Other than the lunch room being too small, my time at Colville high school was excellent!
It’s just an average school. Sports are a huge part of it but football is the main focus so some of the other sports get kind of ignored. There are a few teachers that really go out of their way to help students. The benefit is that it’s pretty small so teachers can get to know all the students. Some downsides are that there’s not a lot of options for classes.
I love it because i love the people and the teachers that i have. They are kind and have a sense of humor. Its not boring they make it fun
Most teachers care abour their jobs but a few are careless with what they do like our princupal and mr belltowne. The rest care about qhat students do.
I have had a good experience growing up at this school. More class options would be nice.
Many care about their jobs and try to help students. There are a few who are lacking in these areas.
Well we have a nurse but she isn't always up at the high school. Because she is the nurse for all Colville schools. But we are pretty safe. We haven't really ever head safety issues.
there are so many things to do.. and lots of after school things. For example we have lots of concerts and the multi media class always designs posters for them. Also drama practices after school when they have plays.
I love how the school ASB goes way out of their way to make everyone feel special. I love how everyone pretty much cares for each other no matter what. And how involved and supportive we are in sports and academics.
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I love all the teachers. To me they are all so nice. And they truly get to know all the students. They take time before, during their prep, and after school to help students. Some teachers never leave school until eight o'clock. I know a couple teachers who come in before six o'clock just to help students.
Due to the small population for our community, everyone knows everyone and therefore few feel unsafe.
Each student if so inclined has the opportunity to join a service organization or scholastic club/team. The most fun options are those that allow a student to help the community.
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