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I am very pleased with the education and experiences my daughter received while attending CSG. If a family is able to send their daughter(s) to CSG I would recommend making it happen!
I have had the opportunity to be very active in my community with amazing extracurriculars such as theater, athletics, and service. At CSG no certain person does one specific club or activity it is cool to be active. The teachers care about getting to know them as a person. CSG creates a very close knit community because of its small class size. There is a lot of free time in the highschool which allows for quality time with peers and studying.
The school is academically rigorous, but has been living on its reputation for many years. As an alumnus, I remember the caring nature of the teachers and administration in the 1980s, but sadly that culture is all but gone. There is strong favoritism to large donors and the environment is more about what the school has aspirations to do than what it actually does. The administration is tone deaf to constructive criticism and is constantly trying to backfill jobs as good teachers leave in pursuit of other schools. For those who are considering CSG - caveat emptor.
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I am currently a student at Columbus School for Girls and I really like it! I think all of the teachers are really great at working with students to help get them the help that they need. I also love all of the girls that attend the school.
The academics are rigorous and prepare us for college, however; the administration is not great. It has changed a lot over the past few years for the worse, but the college process is great here.
It is good academically but lacking in exceptional extracurricular activities. The environment is not for everyone because it can feel competitive for who is the smartest.
started 10/10. middle school dropped. drastically. I've been here most of my life and I don't know if it can get any lower. #struggle
I graduated here quite recently. Although the academics lived up to expectations, many of the great teachers I connected with have moved or retired. The school has an unacceptable pattern of favoritism among donors, as well as an extremely pretentious vibe from the administration. Additionally, the environment is emotionally draining. I earned decent marks, but was constantly steered away from the colleges I wanted to apply to, which I ended up getting in to. I am now at a top university, successfully pursuing a degree in a STEM field, which I was told there I would never be successful in.
Columbus School for Girls is an amazing school. As a student there I am cared for by my peers and teachers. It is very free-flowing and trusting of its students. CSG also offers a wide range of clubs and after-school activities. The lower school program is also amazing. Once you graduate from here, you have all the skills necessary to succeed in college.
I love being a student at Columbus School for Girls. I feel as if the teachers are always able to help me and answer my questions, along with making time to meet with me in order to help be reach my highest potential.
Columbus School for Girls used to be one of the best schools ever. The food is great, the facilities are nice, the teachers are pretty nice, the traditions are important, and the students are all super close. But, within the last four years, it has become quite obvious that the school cares more about potential students than current students. There also is a disciplinary problem. The teachers are super sweet but I am no longer in love with CSG.
Columbus School for Girls offers an incredible education and learning community. The teachers push students to reach their highest potential but also offer support to ensure achievement.
I love CSG. My two daughters go there and they love it. They have a safe space where they can learn and have a voice. They have recently redone part of the building and there is now a state of the art work out room, yoga room, and pool.
I attended CSG for 12 years. The support from teachers, academic rigor, and extracurricular opportunities CSG provided for me not only helped me in my first year of college, but shaped me into a well-rounded, independent woman.
A school that values the whole child and welcomes each girl's gifts and talents;
Caring and talented teachers make learning an exciting adventure and builds the bridges to academic success, personal growth and commitment to excellence. This is an inspiring place to educate a young woman !
We are very fortunate that our girls are able to attend Columbus School for Girls. They both love their school and them being there has been a very positive experience for our family.
CSG is the Gold Standard in the Columbus metro area. I have two girls that attend and another son that attends one of Columbus's other premier private schools. CSG sets itself apart! For most of the teachers, I've been told this was their dream job. I can tell by the passion and commitment to the girls.
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I was so prepared for college and life beyond coming from CSG. I cannot imagine being where I am today without the solid foundation CSG gave me. I enjoyed my time there and think it is truly the best option in Columbus.
I would not be the person I am without Columbus School for Girls. This school is an amazing environment for girls to blossom into their own person. From amazing athletic teams, to stellar academics, to wonderful theatrical performances, CSG has it all. I can't think of a better place for a girl's education in central Ohio!!
When choosing to send our daughters to Columbus School For Girls (CSG) versus other top private schools in Columbus, Ohio there was no comparison, that this school truly represents the gold standard of schools in Ohio. The teachers at CSG genuinely care about our daughters success. Just over the last couple of years, we have seen so much growth and confidence in our daughters as leaders. Many schools speak about having a sense of family and being a community but not really exhibit those characteristics. The teachers at CSG recognize each girls abilities and empowers her with the tools to not only dream big, but to make positive changes in this world. CSG has also shown us when investing in a private single-sex education, our daughters became better learners and weren't afraid to take risk that would help them to achieve success. We have continued to be blown away by everything that CSG has offered and we look forward to many more years at such a prestigious school.
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