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The school offers a lot of unique opportunities and programs such as AP courses, college credit plus, and career readiness. They also offer a wide variety of languages to learn.
I really like the diversity of the school. It is an old building so there are some things that need to be fixed up. You hardly see any bullying at that school, and there are fights, just not as much. The students can be disrespectful sometimes, but so can the teachers. Other than that, International is a great school
CNIS has very nice staff and it very diverse. I like how the school allows students to have a school presentation to embrace their culture. I love how most students know more than 1 langusge. It challange students to take a languge class.
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I had a positive experience my first year and half of attending Columbus International, what is now Columbus North International. The original principal made an effort to not only remember names with faces of his students, but also families and even made a strong effort to communicate with families of different language backgrounds (Spanish, Arabic, French) to make sure there was no exclusion or barrier when it came to being connected with them. The school focused heavily on community service, building up each other and ourselves. Things changed when he left, the school became your run of the mill public schools. The drive burned out as well as the passion that was behind community service. It was as if no one wanted to be there and just wanted to leave. If I could do over my first two years at the school, I would do it in a heart beat and recommend it to all students looking for a school that wanted you to feel important.
i really love the diversity in the school. You can learn 8 languages really easy with helpful teachers. They have students from all over the world.
this school is very diverse . there are many languages. some of the languages are Spanish,Chinese,french and Japanese.
The district needs to provide more for big schools
The choices in coaches are a bit shaky for certain sportsports for the girls in spring (mainly track).
I feel socially safe and the academics are amazing
The teachers are amazing and the middle school teachers do their best to control the middle schoolers
You have your good and your bad teachers. Some teachers teach well while others make the students teach themselves.
I like all of my teaches. They are easy to get along with but some go too fast or too slow. Sometimes they get distracted too but overall, they are always there to help and encourage students to ask questions.
The school nurse should be available every day of the school week but in fact, she isn't. There are select days when she is there and nother many students actually know her schedule.
The soccer team was the best follwed by girls volleyball. There was a lack of a cheer team as the years went on, starting from around 20 dwindling all the way down to just 3 girls. There could be bettereally thought and effort put into the clubs to make them more enjoyable.
The first two years of my experience here were great but when we had a change in principals things started to go south. There were more confrontations, more disrespectful encounters with teachers and much more. The students were faced with the change so suddenly and didn't know how to react. The new principal isn't as engaged as the founding principal was, he doesn't interact with all students like the previous principal had and he has enforced new rules it seems every month that were perfectly fine with the previous principal and all other authorities. The overall attitude and environment of the school has changed, and not for the better.
The teachers engage with the students and listen to their ideas, though some teachers and their teaching methods can use improvement.
There's many options to choose from, but as far as quality it lacks in most of the clubs and organizations for outside school events.
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While attending this school, I've had 3 break downs, and too many thoughts of dropping out especially after the original principal had left. Once he left it's like most of the teachers and staff had this negative attitude and decided to spread it around and talk down to students even some parents. I feel like my feelings, my safety, everything is being treated as a non crucial thing especially after a parent managed to get into the building and encourage his daughter to fight another female student, which thing was on our local news. The fight happened on the first floor where all the offices are, but yet it happened and no one did a thing. I feel like they aren't alert enough for me to feel safe, and therefore cannot wait to graduate.
Most of the teachers are not there to help the kids learn or even attempt to try and change the "trouble" students into students who want to learn. This change recently came about when the original principal left the school. Once he left, that's when this lazy mentality came about most of the teachers, some even left after the original principal left for better opportunities. There are about less than a handful of teachers within the entire building who actually go out of their way to make sure they have prepared their students for upcoming exams, quizzes, tests, etc.
I love my school and everything about it. I don't think that there is a school as diverse as mine.
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