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My experience at Columbus North High School is excellent. I feel that Columbus North has offered my peers and I a high level of preparation for college or work after high school. Columbus North has lots of clubs, sports, and activities for all students to be able to participate in. I am part of National Honor Society and H.O.S.A. These school activities have allowed me to be apart of my high school other than academically.
Overall, Columbus North has provided a solid education. However, I would want to see a change in teaching skills. Some teachers didn't implement a variety in teaching techniques. I would also want to see more textbook use over technology use.
Honestly, I did not enjoy attending North. The work was not interesting and it definitely was not preparing me for success in college. Now I am in university, I really do see the errors in the way North and its faculty treat their students and the way students treat each other. No one there truly cares about education, not the administration, not the teachers, and most definitely not the students. The teachers are probably the worst part because they have no faith in students and their success. I had a math teacher from North literally imply I was dumb to my face when I had an A in his class and the classes are entirely busy work. Whether this is the fault of the school or the education system in this country, I do not know, but if you want to actually enjoy your high school experience do not settle for the least bad school that BCSC offers.
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Columbus North High School is a good school, especially academically. There are many chances to take higher level and AP classes. There are many clubs, but sometimes it feels like there aren’t many to choose from. The teachers are generally nice and try to help you succeed. The C4 program is really cool as it lets students have new experience in the work field. However, North feels a bit old and small, though there is a lot of diversity. The doors to the school are all locked from the outside for safety, except for the main entrance which is sort of annoying, especially when going out for lunch. Overall, North is a very good school to go to, but there are better schools.
North is a big place. It offers opportunities for those who are interested. Not slot of support for the less outgoing or self confident.
I have had nothing, but a good experience at CNHS. Almost all of the teachers have been lovely and they are always very fast to correct any mistakes.
The respect they members of the school show is second too none. They truly love and care about their students. I've been too multiple school and Columbus North High School is by far the best of them all
North is a regular highschool except I find a high amount of passion inbededded bu its students, with the support of a wonderful community full of diversity, ideas, and opportunities. North has many spectacular programs, including journalism, foreign language, arts, and physical activities.
Go bulldogs! Columbus North is a great school great faculty that are always willing to help and it's in a great area of town very safe and they care about all their students.
North is a great school with amazing staff and administration. There are tons of clubs and activities available to be involved in during your time there. The sports scene is fantastic with enormous school spirit! My time there was amazing.
My experience at CNHS was mediocre and overall average. I believe that the staff of the school could have taken a different approach on the way they taught and how they treated their students. I think that a lot of the ways people, student and staff, were treated weren't fair or equal.
Really Great School. Has lots of opportunities for higher learning and advancing yourself outside of the high school curriculum to get a head start on your secondary education. The C4 program is a great opportunity for those interested in trade type jobs after high school, and the wide selection of AP classes is great for those wanting to get a head start before heading to a college or university
Columbus North has amazing teachers and classes that allow the students to earn dual credit for college. The amount of classes available for students is endless!
Overall education was good, however some of the teachers seemed to judge and pick favourites making other students feel alienated and lose out on education and grades. For the most part, the science and mathematics teachers were all great. Very helpful and willing to spend extra time with students who struggled. I did feel that some teachers taught to the test, which did not hep students actually retain the information. The policies for graduating early and seniors being allowed half days is all messed up though. The counselors would use half days as an incentive for the struggling students to not drop out, while the students who did well and had more than required credits had to jump through hoops to get a chance at taking half days even if they were to work to save for college.
Columbus North High School has a very diverse community with many ways of getting involved. There are many options when it comes to choosing classes, clubs and sports.
The best part of Columbus North is the wide array of opportunities that you have access to. Through the "C4" program, you can take many specialized classes about what you want to learn about, most of which other schools do not offer. Some of these classes include media, journalism, engineering, computer science, architecture, automotive, etc.
Columbus North High School is a big but not huge school located about an hour south of Indianapolis in Columbus, Indiana. It contains about 2,000 students and many many different class options. At Columbus North one option many students love to have is the option to take classes at the nearby high schools at the specialized programs Columbus North doesn't contain. One thing I would like to see changed at Columbus North is the teaching staff at the school. Many of the teachers and various staff at the school are rude and don't care to be helpful, this isn't unanimous but many staff members are this way.
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My experience with Columbus North has overall been very positive. After moving from a different state, I was unsure of whether or not I would be able to fit in. However, I was able to easily find a niche that welcomed me for everything I was. I am currently involved with tennis, choir, and many academic competitions in my school. My teachers are very quirky and I see a different face every day. Our school offers extra classes like culinary, engineering, and graphic design. They allow us freedom all while providing us with the safety we need. If there was one thing I could change about Columbus North, it would be the student involvement. Columbus North is very good about letting students do cool things like a school magazine and a student news channel. However, there are not very many events that get students involved with each other. We only have one school-wide event per year, and if we could change that, we could grow from a great school to an outstanding one!
I have enjoyed my highschool career very much at north. I am proud to say i will graduate from columbus north. They have done very well to support their students and provide enough financial, emotional and resourceful help.
We have a lot of good things going for us. Excellent arts programs, including theatre, music, and visual arts. Most of the teachers are very good, although there are a few who are a bit tyrannical in their teaching style. The culture and environment is top-notch, the students are really close-knit and we have all sorts of inside jokes about teachers, other students, and features of our school, all kind words, of course. The administration is very good, albeit a bit busy sometimes and sometimes takes a very long time to get back with you. Overall, North is pretty great.
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