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Columbus Magnet School Reviews

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Good school with great teachers. The school offers great STEM programs and other extracurricular programs
There is Anger Management, Counseling, a nurse, security guard, cameras. There are safety drills all the time It is very safe. There was an incident when the police alerted the school about a suspect around the school who could be armed, everyone was kept inside until the situation was taken care of.
There is a program called Academically Talented where those students who are not challenged enough in class go to a smaller class once a week to learn much more stimulating math, design, and English concepts. At the end of the day, fifth graders go to different class rooms with different club themes of their choosing.
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Every grade has a special project to share with the entire school. First graders are involved in making a grocery store for the school that lasts one week. Second grade classes each learn about community and host a restaurant in their class for one week. They also set up a post office for the entire school so that students can send each other letters from one class to another. Third graders host a museum about mammals. Fourth graders learn about Natives and creation stories. They put on a show for the entire school about what they learn, and they also have a musical at the end of the year. Fifth graders are given the chance to be part of the community in a big way by being Hall Monitors during dismissal time and are very helpful with the younger grades.
The school puts a huge emphasis on hands-on learning. I think the teacher's do a great job using this technique and students stay engaged and learn quickly with this method.
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