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I love Columbus High School, and I highly recommend it. It is great for academics, athletics, and general information. The staff is very friendly, and the teachers strive to help students succeed. They give their best to ensure that everybody leaves with an education and if they choose to go to college.
School is very strict and don't put up with any inappropriate behavior. The campus is very diverse. That athletic program is A1. I highly recommend sending your child to attend this school.
CHS isn't as bad as most people make it but it does have its flaws. From racist tendencies towards us in minorities, some things aren't so bright.
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Columbus High School is full of people that worry too much about others and not themselves. But the teachers are pretty good
Columbus High School was a great school to attend. The only problem was that the students getting most of the benefits, like scholarships, were the students who were personally familiar with the staff. As well as only the community students and those students who had been attending the school their entire life. For those students that transferred mid-year or the students who attended the school but were from another town, they didn't get the same benefits.

However, the school environment was very good. The teachers were very helpful, interested and excited to teach. The students were friendly and there were a lot of opportunities to partake in. The Ag life was especially fun to participate in and the sports' fans were very active.
I really lIked my time at CHS because of how friendly each teacher was. They are always there to support you and help you with whatever you need. Also I like the traditions that are being followed each year
Columbus High School has brought me a long way. It has taught me a lot. The environment is great, and the faculty is awesome. The sports department is something everyone wants to be apart of. They welcome you in with open arms.
Columbus High School is a pretty good school with great extra curricular activities. However, the diversity needs to be improved and so does the overall presence.
Columbus high school is in a very small town. The only thing I like about it is that everyone knows each other at the school campuses so no one's really left out. 3/4 of students get involved in sports. We show a lot of school spirit! The reason I don't like so much is the faculty. I feel like since we are such a small community and school, teachers don't get paid much so we never have and decent teachers. I know I have at least three teachers who know their stuff but have a hard time teaching it to students. I would really like them to try and look for better faculty and also our school food...or sucks.
My experience at Columbus High School will the most memorable years of my life. I discovered who i wanted to be and what i want to do with my life while in high school. The best part about this school is the love we all share for Columbus high school. But we all seem to dislike one factor which the time you have to be ready for school!
Columbus high school is a small but friendly school. The staff is nice and helpful. It is nice knowing that everyone knows you and you know everyone there. The classes are good, and what makes it better is knowing the teachers are always there to help. If one thing could change I hope it would be adding more electives and sports. There should be a bigger variety of sports and electives to choose from. This school is a great school to attend.
The workload here at Columbus High School is a fair amount and can sometimes be a bit strenuous, but for the most part, it can be dealt with.
The social scene here at this school is great! Most students seem to be involved in something extracurricular-related and those activities do a bunch of things that they can make possible to make the club even funner!!
I was involved in many extracurricular activities such as band and Spanish Club and they went above and beyond what most clubs did!
I had a great experience from my freshman to senior year!
The teachers here are excellent and passionate.
It's a small school with locals hired as most teachers, some know how to teach some don't.
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Small town = Everyone knows everything.
Athletics always get new coaches every year, team never really had time to learn one thing and apply it into wins.
Small town everyone knows everyone's business including the staff.
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