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The new high school is pretty amazing. We have a lot of new machines in the stem labs. They are so fun to learn about and use.
Columbus High school focuses on the student's needs as well as their wants. They make it a safe and encouraging place to learn by providing up to date information and well-knowledged teachers.
I liked how there were many classes to choose from and you would always have someone you knew in your class. I would like the food choices to change because it was either pasta, meatloaf or something else.
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I enjoy the many opportunities there are for each persons interest. There is always something for everyone.
Overall a great public high school with many life enhancing opportunities. Lots of activities to get involved in, amazing staff and teachers, friendly environment, great building structure, and so much more. The best school in Nebraska.
They built us a new school. It is really big and when we have assembly's we are so close to each other. Also it is very clean and nice compared to other schools. We are pretty lucky.
I enjoyed Columbus High School! I would enjoy to see more classes added to the school system. This would help some students explore for their future career opportunities.
Better instructors for sciences. Need to use textbook or at least electronic books for science. Hard to learn chemistry and physics by reading thru slides in class.
Columbus High School focuses on the success of their students. The teacher's main goal is to make sure that every single student will graduate.
Teachers are engaged in your learning process and there are endless opportunities and activities available to all students.
The school was recently rebuilt and I love the environment of it now. The changes that were made were very impactful on the every day experience as a student. The teachers are very involved in the students' lives and it has helped with the teacher and student relationship. I enjoy every club I am involved in and have made new relationships with students I have never met or never see. I love the organized sports as well and the environment of the teams I am involved with. It has impacted me as a person and given me a wonderful high school experience. I have never been satisfied with the food however and I believe that could change.
Administration took away all incentives/rewards for us to do well in school. When they built the new building, they put too much thought into sports and not enough into music/theatre. I also feel like there is a lot of favoritism when it comes to athletes or children of either administration or teachers in the district. Overall, I think they need to work on treating everyone fairly and giving the students incentives to work hard in school.
Columbus High School is a very good school. They offer several dual credit classes and the teachers are helpful when you have questions. There are several extracurricular activities you can be involved in as well. It ranges from any sport, to intramural basketball and iron man volleyball. Everything that I am involved in is fun and I have always had a good time.
I think Columbus High does an incredible job caring for it's students- from counselors, the administrators, the teachers, to even the custodial staff- the amount of student support by the staff is immense. But I think many of the teachers on the teaching staff don't utilize the technology to help enrich student learning beyond replacing paper pencil activities.
In my time at Columbus High, I have grown both academically and personally. By taking advantage of different courses available, I have been able to prepare for college taking general, AP, and Dual Credit classes. Columbus High has multiple academic paths, a student can be in a general Math course and at the same time be taking a top level English class. Columbus High School also has an amazing STEM program, which teaches students valuable skills that will not only provide excellent job opportunities but also improve the community as a whole. Not only does Columbus High provide students with the tools to take their next step in life, it also has great social environment. CHS offers a variety of events covering most, if not all, interests. Columbus High even has a special mentor program to help incoming freshmen with their first year. In both academic and extracurricular terms, Columbus High is an extraordinary place to learn in both knowledge and social experience.
My experience at the high school has been amazing. At this high school there is many amazing and helpful teachers and amazing opportunities. This school offers many different classes whether it be woods, welding, art, college courses or subjects. The teachers are always helpful whether you are struggling or just need someone to talk to. Our school keeps us safe and feed us healthy choices. Overall I am proud to be a Discoverer. GO DISCOVERERS!
I enjoyed the people at Columbus High School, the teaches really cared for their students and wanted everyone to be successful/prepared for life after high school. Also, the athletics events were the best because CHS has the best supporters out there.
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In my mindset the school pushed their money into STEM without taking in account of the other aspects of the school like the the library or the cafeteria. They built our new school and it already flooded causing mold. So in conclusion, it is not the teachers who ruin the school, it is the people in charge who rush through stuff without thinking of others and the consequences.
everyone is treated equally, the amount of support the teachers show to everyone of us is amazing. we all bond as a family and iv never been to a school that could feel so much like home like this one. I'm proud to say I am a discoverer!
Columbus High School is overall a good school and they helped me with a lot. However they need to work in some areas of treating all kids fairly and to work on their problems instead of making their nice things nicer.
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