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One thing I like about Columbus High School is that the counselors take their time to help each student. I also like how us, as the students, have the option to start taking college classes starting out junior year.
Our school has grow tremendously over the past few years I attended. It is very strong and academically pleasing environment for all who attends.
My school is okay. Some teachers are amazingly dedicated to their job; others aren't. There have been recent rules added and changed that cause major distractions, disruptions, and problems with the students and parents for no good reason.
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Columbus High School is a beautiful facility inside and outside. Students are well- rounded and smart. I am looking forward to seeing more consistency and stability at Columbus High.
I been ready to graduate from this school since last year. This school does so much plenty of time for no reason at all. Others schools in the county doesn't seem as strict as this school is. The only thing I can applaud is unlike the schools in the North. This school does lets you express yourself when it comes to your hair.
During my years at Columbus High School, I have encountered many eye-opening experiences. One of the things I like at Columbus High School is free dual enrollment. This gives students an opportunity to graduate with an Associate’s Degree, and possibly enter college as a Junior. Another thing I like about my school is the teachers are more involved in teaching. From personal experiences, I feel this is a great way to get students involved with learning. One thing I don’t like about Columbus High School is the counselors are slightly apathetic about your schedule. As I started my freshman year at Columbus High School, I was placed in classes that I didn't need to take to graduate. This made me more responsible because I had to make sure I was taking the classes I needed to graduate. Another disadvantage is the classes are very long. The classes last for 2 hours. During this time, I lose interest in the class and sometimes get sleepy. Overall, I adequately enjoy Columbus High School.
I had a pretty good experience at Columbus High School. I graduated in May, 2019. I believe that their needs to be more work on college readiness. Enjoyed sports and playing football. Wish there were more focus on act and not just state tests.
Columbus High School is a good school and all, but there is so many things that can be fixed about it.
In my opinion, Columbus is a good school to go to. It does have its ways that might upset parents and students, it may have unfitting rules and sometimes incidents are overlooked but it makes the people that come there feel welcomed and this is why I like this school.
Unlike, any high school you will have your good days and bad. Overall Columbus High School has taught me to be the best I can be not only in academics, but just being a good person as well. The teachers make sure that you do not leave without really understanding the curriculum. While I am currently a senior I have looked back at the years and noticed how much my education has tremendously grown from my freshman year to my senior year . Although I am excited about graduating. If I could start all over I would the school, teachers, and education was well worth it !! #FalconPride
The academics here are below average, but there are many organizations that a student can participate in.
My freshman year in high school was amazing. Everything felt like a typically high school. I’m sure not every school gives every child a MacBook for the entire year, but that was a great advantage. Today, in my school, I would like to see the kids take school more serious. Most underclass man are always in trouble or skipping. It will have a great effect on then in their later years and that’s what bothers me a lot.
I love it & I'm proud to be a falcon!! Columbus high school is a place I can call my second home. The school district has been very helpful through my whole education.
My experience so far has been a roller coaster, most teachers are helpful and some are definitely not. The lunch is bad and doesn’t leave you full, and we need drivers ed and home economics. I will say that I learned that i have to teach myself some things at home cause the Pythagorean theorem will not help me with adult hood as an upcoming senior.
What I like about Columbus High is that it's fun. One thing I would like to see change is the teaching. Some teachers don't teach us what we need to know. They just assign work and we just do it.
Columbus is filled with students who do not care. Those who do care are ostracized and do not get anything extra from the school. The school pours a lot of effort into the students who do not care and it does not improve anything. There is no discipline here. If you the principal likes you then you can get away with anything. Teachers are not supported and the administration has no control. Good teachers do not stay because they are treated like crap and the ones that are left are unqualified and do not perform well.
I transferred to Columbus High School during my senior year. I was super nervous, but everyone was so welcoming. My fellow classmates were so apt to show me around and assist me in any way needed. The teachers always ensure the students comprehend the lessons, and most of them know you by name. It is a really friendly environment and I encourage others to attend.
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Columbus High School is really a safe and great place to go to school. The teachers treat us like their own children. We have not had any gun violence at all. We have a lot of security and people look out for each other all the time.
Columbus High was an overall good school to experience with peers and teachers. The teachers taught core curricular lessons but they didn't seem interested in ALL their students intellectual well being.
Columbus High School isn't a very well funded school. We lack the test scores to bring in grants. The also doesn't prepare you for going off to college. I'd like to see changes to the curriculum & the staff there.
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