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CHS has so many amazing opportunities for students. The curriculum is challenging, but also allows students to work at their own pace with a path curated specifically for each student. They offer a multitude of AP classes and extracurriculars, allowing students to achieve what they want to achieve.
I loved my experience at Columbus High School. The teachers and work load here make me feel like I am readily prepared for college. The students are very accepting and I am very comfortable going here. My teachers over the past 4 years are very easy to work with and are always available incase I am ever in need of help and support. The counselors have helped me with applying to colleges and making sure my essays are good enough to help apply for scholarships. Because of Columbus High School, I feel like I am ready for college and are willing to take on any course load no matter how hard it may be.
Columbus High is a very rigorous school. I feel well prepared for college due to my challenging but rewarding years here. I am continuously pushed to achieve greatness, and I am not allowed to settle for less. My teachers aid me with the material I need to succeed in each class.
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Overall, Columbus High School is a unique, diverse school. There are many people of different genders , races, ethnicity, and religion that attends the school. Columbus High School places emphasis on academics and education. As one of the top three schools in the state of Georgia, the teachers, administration, and principal take pride in academics and making sure every student aim for their goals while pursing education. Sometimes, the work and tests could be overwhelming, but the schools preps its students for the future.
The teachers really care about my son maximizing his potential. Feels like a large family. There's something special for every kid.
I love Columbus High School, it’s a place where I can be challenged. A majority of the teachers I have had has made learning enjoyable and rigorous. I never feel like I am going through any experience alone there. Columbus High is more than your average high school, it is a family.
The overall experience was “okay”. I’m in the upper half of the spectrum for my class. I will graduate in 2020. The school was advertised as college preparatory, but the actual education was average at best. The rules and regulations do not reflect a high school that is supposed to prepare someone for college. It’s just a very average high school.
I love the challenge of going to Columbus High School. I enjoy the faculty who is always there to help students. Although, the poor condition of the building itself is embarrassingly terrible. This does impact my learning ability, especially when the air conditioning doesn't work in one hundred degree heat. Not fun.
My time at Columbus High School was amazing. I feel that me going to CHS has prepared as much as possible to further my education for college and it’s not only the fact that it’s a college prep school but the ups and downs that I had to go through in life while enrolled and maintaining my academics. For example when my best friends mother passed it was a tragedy and it caused a lot of grief for not only my friend but me as well and the guidance counselors there helped us and showed us how to maintain our academics through troubled times, and through that I have learned to become not just a better student but a better person as well. Experiences like that have made me feel that my experience at CHS is the best school in the world and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it.
Prepares you for any type of college experience with the vigorous workload that it provides to you. The teacher's here always cares about their students and the level of success that they achieve. With numerous clubs and activities to be a part of Columbus High School will always give your child something that interests them to participate in. This is a school where the students want to learn and the teachers want their students to thrive.
Columbus high is the perfect blend of preparation and independence. The teachers are excellent and will help you succeed in anything you do. They, not only, teach academia, but practical things that need to be learned. They help with college and scholarships as well. The diversity is very diverse. Everywhere you look a new person is there. The acceptance of all races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations make this school the best in Georgia. This school truly is one of the best in the nation. I am privileged to be very involved in this school.
I loved how engaging the staff and students are, and there really is something there for everyone! They don't focus on sports like many other school do, and they provide many activities and extracurriculars there. They have amazing debate, math, lacrosse, volleyball, and golf teams. They also have wonderful clubs for people who enjoy languages, art, theater, music, science and other things. Overall it was amazing, and I really enjoyed my time there!
My experience so far at Columbus High School has been a great one. The teachers genuinely care about the students and their education. The administrators do everything they can to make sure we feel safe and involved in the school. There could be minor changes in the outdated facilities but overall the school is great.
My overall experience with Columbus High was amazing! The other students were very motivated and driven which pushed me to do better. The teachers constantly wanted their students to do their best and help them not just academically but through all other aspects. However, some of the resources and funding are lacking for various activities, but overall there is a large number of clubs for students to be involved in.
Although rigorous, my experience at Columbus High is amazing, hands-down. I would not change my decision on coming here. I feel safe here. I feel wanted and accepted, and that is very important for one's high school experience.
My time at Columbus High School was what I'd refer to as a "mixed bag". The academically rigorous course work and incredibly strict dress code made for a less than amazing experience, in addition to the lackluster curriculum in the English and History classes.

On the other hand, because of the opportunities to become involved in extracurricular activities and volunteer services, I eventually became a well-rounded individual which prepared me for the academic challenges I experienced at Wake Forest University.
They prepared me well for college.It was hard for me at first,but i adjusted and it was one of my best decision ,choosing Columbus,If you want to succeed and don't mind a little bit of work this is the school for you you won't regret it because the wotk you do is worth it for the payoff in the long run..
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Columbus High school prepares all student for the best in education. One will be all rounded and ready for college before their senior high. School incorporates culture in their every day learning. Student's are dedicated to the community and assist in every area when needed. The faculty plays a major role in the lives of the students. Teachers work hand in hand with the parents to assist the students to achieve the best in education and become the best in the community.
Columbus High gave me the chance to challenge myself to grow through balancing tough classes with sports, extracurriculars, and maintaining relationships.
While Columbus High School is undoubtedly an academically successful school, the physical condition and overall quality of the school could use some improvement.
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