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I love going to CGHS! it is a fantastic school. there are very few problems while I have been here. As a student here at CGHS, I am not lying when I say that I not woken up ready to start learning from the great staff that is teaching me what I need to learn for my future. The teachers will help you make up what you have missed when you are gone. They are also very helpful when you are having trouble in their class, you never feel like you are taking up their time with a 'dumb' question. They are always ready to help when you are struggling.
My experience at Columbus Grove High School was amazing. Overall my fellow classmates and underclassmen were very kind. The Columbus Grove High School staff was very helpful with providing me with a good education and preparing me for college.
No school is perfect, but Columbus Grove High School exceeds numerous expectations and standards. Although the school is not found in a diverse setting, the students are open to new individuals. The superintendent converses with each and every student on a regular basis, and the elementary principal calls each student by name. The environment is friendly and trustworthy. For the most part, teachers are well-equipped and trained very well. The staff and students alike are very approachable and problems are smoothed out as soon as they occur. The extra-curricular opportunities are abundant, and they range from athletics to scholastics. Those in charge want the best for the students attending Columbus Grove, and it is quite apparent.
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The school was very supportive of it's students. There was a huge lack of diversity and were very strict about what sports boys and girls could do, for example no girls in golf, no boys in cheer leading.
At Columbus Grove High School I have had a good experience. I enjoyed the kindness and dedication of the teachers to their students and my classmates to have made the whole experience one to remember. Although, I would like to see more diversity and acceptance in students and staff members.
Columbus Grove High School provides me with the necessary education to be a productive and informed citizen. The courses are challenging but manageable, and due to the school’s smaller size, the students form close bonds with their teachers. Teachers are willing to help students who struggle but encourage them to be problem-solvers and work it out themselves. The school has several clubs, extra-curriculars, and sports for students to participate in. There is a fair amount of diversity in course types. Most students perform very well on tests and in high-stress situations. Overall, Columbus Grove High School is an excellent school that produces several well-educated and prepared students who go on to be good people.
The teachers are always nice and are readily available to help you after school. The workload is never more than you can handle.
Honestly, people are not very accepting of anyone who is part of the LGBT community.
The extracurriculars are what you make of them.
Even though Columbus Grove wouldn't be my choice if I ever had kids I wouldn't change the fact that I went there. The people I grew up with and the experiences I had with my teachers are invaluable to my heart.
The Teachers at Columbus Grove High School are for the most part friendly and helpful. But it is a small town and a small school so everyone knows everyone and everything and can be difficult finding your place in the social aspect.
I personally have never felt unsafe at Columbus Grove due to the fact that the faculty takes the proper state mandated precautions on how to protect the students in case of an emergency.
All the sports at Columbus Grove have a large amount of dedication and time put into them both at practice and on the field. Competitiveness and support is shown from teammates to each other and to other schools at events; this is something that is not always seen in school athletic programs. The students try their hardest to make their parents, friends, and community proud in any way that they can. Support and pride for the community and team can be seen both on the field and sidelines from fans and players alike.
The students at Columbus Grove are understanding and accept each other as family. Everyone has their own struggles outside of school and when those are shown in the school setting, whether it be stress or an issue at home, other students reassure the student that they will be okay. Friendliness is shown throughout the school, along with playful banter and fun. The amount of pride for the community and bond of the students is what makes Columbus Grove a wonderful school; and if I had a choice, I would do it all again.
The teachers at Columbus Grove High School are extremely knowledgeable on the topics that they teach. Each one has made themselves available for student need both after and before school along with providing extra credit opportunities when students are deemed worthy of them. While there are usual communication issues, as there are occasionally between people, the teachers effectively engage their students in an enjoyable and educational way; be it through videos, class discussions, or demonstrations.
There is a great atmosphere.
After Graduation the world seems so different
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there are not many clubs.
Through and through i would say i enjoyed my years at CGHS
The teachers were all very respectable. Given time and help where ever needed.
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