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I enjoyed having a smaller class size so that it was easier to get one-on-one attention with a teacher when needed. The smaller student population also meant more opportunities for students to be more involved in specific roles they wish to partake in like varsity sports, roles in drama, pronounced music recognitions in solos, etc. I would like to see Columbus have more clubs and activities students could choose to do and having more advanced classes to take to challenge some students who wish to be challenged.
Overall, the curriculum and classes offered could be more extensive compared to other schools nearby. Some classes just offer busy work that could have more assignments with more knowledge that is not just to be memorized for a short amount of time then not be put into use. There are a lot of sports offered considering a smaller school which is really nice. They could have more clubs included after school. Staff cares for well being and safety of students.
This school is a great place and they really focus on what begs for the kids and have a great education program. They want to see all the students succeed and support each student.
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All fine arts programs are underfunded. We have a stage, but it is not safe to perform on. Some of the teachers are phenomenal, while others are absolutely awful. We are constantly expanding the number of clubs and organizations we have. Just two years ago we created a First Robotics club that has done very well in competitions so far. The programs that get the most funding are our sports teams, especially football. We are historically bad at football, so that make no sense. Some of our other sports teams, though, are very good, such as volleyball, tennis, and basketball.
For me Columbus Highschool has helped me so much in my preformance in academics. I came to Columbus my junior year after transferring from the public school system here in Waterloo and it was probably the best decision that I could have ever made for myself. The teachers are so nice and they take that extra mile to make sure that your going to succeed. They truly care about you and that always made me feel good knowing that I'm always going to have someone in my corner no matter what. The students here are very nice and welcoming as well. Overall Columbus is just a great school to be at. Although I would like to see a better variety of classes that would be available for students to take.
I enjoyed going on several religious retreats and experiences such as Kairos and NCYC. I also enjoyed being on the dance team all four years, and winning several state championships. It was a lot of fun doing it with my friends. Musical was something I tried my last two years of high school which I was very happy I tried.
Great atmosphere with caring teachers and close knit group of students that have gone to school together since elementary school. Athletics could have better coaches, they are all good people but can't take you to the next level of skill.
Throughout my four years of school here I have not only grown in my faith but, I have also grown in my academics. Columbus Catholic High School provides a setting in which the student can be themselves and be cherished for that. The only real issue with the school is the facilities could use some updating.
There are a few options for clubs or groups, but if there isn't something you're looking for, it probably wouldn't be too hard to talk with a teacher or staff member to get something started.
My experience in high school was pretty strong, as I had a good time with activities and my classes. I enjoyed going to such a small school and it really made me feel like I had a family outside of my home.
Most teachers at this school are very dedicated to their subjects and ready to engage students in their topics of interest.
There are many extracurricular activities for students to choose from
This school has helped me develop into an intelligent human being.
The teachers at my school do their best to help students learn everyday in class.
There are a lot of clubs but the majority of them pertain to our religion.
We don't have any violence take place at our school, ever.
There's a lot to offer, the classes are much more advanced, and I have great friends.
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There are some teachers who really take the time to go over things with students who need the extra help while others simply leave it to themselves to figure out even if it's something completely different.
I got involved in many extra-curricular activities throughout my high school career and enjoyed each one that I was involved in. Most of my extra-curricular activities either met once a day or once a week. It wasn't too much of a time commitment, but it kept me busy throughout high school.
Not many food choices
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