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I absolutely love this school. I have been at CAHS since freshman year. It has pushed me academically and also pushed my way of thinking. I could never imagine going to another high school. I have ended up going in the direction of the most challenging diploma, our IB Diploma, and will never regret it. I have struggled in this area but luckily the teachers are flexible and willing to work with you if you just let them know. I love CAHS.
great teachers, academics and students, but columbus city schools is generally a mess and unfortunately this is reflected in the horrific conditions of cahs' building.
I like how hard all the teacher worked to help the students prepare for college, and I like how hard the students worked to achieve their goal.
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Columbus Alternative High School had a very competitive atmosphere but binding atmosphere. Every freshman class takes the same humanities course every year, it included both History and English. It was something that brought us together. We all faced the same difficulties and there was power in that. The course was intense, but everyone around you had gone through it. Therefore it gave you perspective. After that your sophomore year you could take AP classes. Then Junior year people went their own ways as it is in college, but on a smaller scale. You chose if you were in Higher Level or Standard Level IB classes according to what you could do, or regular classes. You chose one math, and then one History and one English. For History and English you would not attend everyday, you would have one class Mon/Thurs and the other Tues/Fri. On Wednesdays you would attend an internship of your choosing. This gave student the liberty to explore and get used to a college setting.
The teachers are committed and lots of AP/IB courses are available. The social environment is good- students are friendly and actually care about their classes. In junior and senior year the academic environment can get overwhelming, especially if you are taking IB Diploma. I'd prioritize your mental health if this is what you end up doing. The clubs are cool, but most are student-run and don’t have access to resources. Our chorale is prestigious and has traveled across the country. We don't have sports except for Ultimate Frisbee, but most kids just do sports at other schools. The biggest drawback of CAHS is the quality of our building. We don’t have AC and we've had to take off school because someone fainted due to heatstroke. We also have bats and bathroom stalls designed to fit small children. Despite the old building, CAHS is a great school and I'd attend it if you want a quality education at a public city school. CAHS has flaws but we love her despite it.
The environment and teachers of Columbus Alternative High School help encourage students to be leaders. The teachers at this school not only influence students but outside the classroom and helping students learn how to voice their own thoughts and opinions. The only thing about the school that would need improvement is the quality of the school building.
Although CAHS is a highly academic school with many rigorous courses in both AP and IB classes the building is heavily damaged for being one of the best schools in the Columbus City School District. With the lack of funding the school has, the teachers truly care about your future and are willing to help you pursue your goal as long as you put in the effort. I really enjoyed my time at the school and the people their made me feel like I was valued as a student. I wou
I like that we are more prepared for college than most of the other students in the Columbus City School District. The main thing I don't like is that we have any inadequate building and it is falling apart and there's nothing being done about it. Our complaints are falling on deaf ears.
I loved making lasting connections with the other students and getting a rigorous education from my classes. The building unfortunately is absolutely horrible. It's a shame for such good students to have to operate in something so abysmal.
My overall experience at cause is that the work load may be hard at times, but it prepares you for your future ahead.
Nice and friendly teachers. It's needs to be remodeled due tot the fact it used to be an elementary school. It's big enough to fit as many students as possible and the art around the school was beautiful.
All the teachers are absolutely amazing but the building that we are in is not safe, despite that all the teachers are extremely committed to their students .
This is a very acedemic focused school and because of that it I believe it helps me prepare me for my future college years. There are no fights or any conflicts; it is very peaceful here. Although they do lack air conditioning, with result in a very hot and humid environment, which is what I would like a change in this school.
They will do anything to help you out! We have a great staff who helps you throughout your journey in high school.
Columbus Alternative High School (CAHS) is very diverse in its student body. This allows students from all backgrounds to safely and effectively intermingle, without feeling judged. CAHS is very rigorous when it comes to academics and this is partly due to the fact that it has excellent teachers and staff who really care. Some people might consider this a downside but CAHS does not have any sports. However, students have the opportunity to participate in sports at their home schools. CAHS is the only school in its district that offers International Baccalaureate (IB) courses and this is due to the fact that students have the drive to pursue intricate leveled courses. I am a student at CAHS, pursuing the full IB Diploma program. I had some rough times but I feel like that is to be expected. However, I have created memories that will last for a lifetime and lessons to get me through anything. I am a CAHSmic scholar and I say it loud and proud!
Columbus Alternative Highschool was a great school that truly prepared me for college. It made me a very well rounded student and strengthened me overall. It was a tough four year experience but in retrospect it was all worth it.
A very academic school which helps prepare high school students for college by offering the chance to experience higher level IB and AP courses.
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I've loved my time at Columbus Alternative High Sschool. I've had many amazing classes with many amazing teachers and students, and I feel as though I've grown a lot during my time here.
this school is a college prep school so it's getting you ready for college. you have a lot of options regarding classes that you can take whether you wanna take an advanced route or stay in something more simple. whats bad is the facility is very old with no air and not that much heat and a lot of plumbing problems. the staff is pretty good they want all the students to succeed in life and the staff for the most part allows students to participate in things ranging from political and singular activities
Columbus Alternative High School is the reason I am a confident adult prepared for life after college.
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