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Really like how the teachers are helpful but what i think could change is the dress code it could definitely use an update with today's fashion and lately i've seen girls get dress coded for the smallest things.
I enjoyed high school a lot. I was very outgoing so I never had any issues with people. Honestly you have to make the most of it and I did, Columbiana helped prepare me for college in all the right ways. I am forever grateful to have graduated from such a wonderful school!
I like that the students are very friendly and so are the teachers. I think the guidance counselor need to help students more
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My sophomore year I had a math teacher who was very judgmental, threw things when he got mad and didn't really teach anything. sometimes i feel dismissed when I reach out for help. although there have been some not so good issues, I dont think i would go to another school
As a senior attending Columbiana High School, I have come to love many factors of the district. I have fallen for the fine arts programs, both visual (such as painting) and performing (concert and marching bands). However, one heartbreaking reality of the school district and its administration is the lack of financial and emotional support for these arts programs, resulting in a diminishing of supplies (paintbrushes, canvas, musical instruments, music stands, etc.) and organization of events to uplift these activities.
There's not that many classes and a lot of the teachers are coaches so sport players get good grades given to them so they can play.
Some teachers aren't that great at explaining or making sure everyone understands the material.
There are multiple clubs and organizations at my school. There are several sports teams that a student could join. In addition, this school has an amazing speech team and a drama club.
My overall experience at this school has been great. I have had many unique experiences and opportunities here. For example, I was involved in the drama club and was chosen to be the "Wicked Witch" in our performance of "The Wizard of Oz". This was an amazing chapter in my life that I will always treasure.
The teachers at my high school are great. They have a genuine interest in the students and are effective communicators. Almost all assignments are engaging and relevant to the real world.
There are clubs for nearly everyone at Columbiana. The staff and administration makes it easy to find something you are interested in and encourages students to get involved. Through these clubs students meet new people with similar interests.
I would choose to come to Columbiana again if I had to pick. The small town feeling gives students a sense of community and support. Not only do you get a great education, staff of the school and community members all encourage you to accomplish thing you never thought you would.
The communication between students and their teachers is better than any other school.
So far I love my school, but sometimes it seems that the teachers just don't care. Coming in as a freshie, students already have their groups set up and although the teachers are welcoming, the students won't always let you in to their group. I definitely feel safe here and feel it'll be a fun place to spend the remainder of high school here!
I suppose our school isn't much different than other small schools around the country.
I usually pack so I can control what kind of food I am eating.
Some students can get away with anything and miniscule issues are addressed while glaring offenses are ignored many times.
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Other than those who participate in sports, there really isn't a lot of school spirit.
The teachers try to engage students.
Language Clubs, Honor Society, Prom Committee, band or choir, team sports
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