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This school is ok. You can take columbia university classes for free, but we also share space with another school, the gym sucks, and the people suck. Some teachers are terrible but some of them are ok.
I enjoyed the variety of classes and the fact that we're given the opportunity to take college classes at Columbia University, as well as many other schools. However, I did not enjoy the extremely strict uniform policy, some of the teachers, and some of the students.
When my daughter entered Columbia secondary school , she was suprised to see this school campus is so small compared to her previous school in Beijing China. Maybe it is in Newyork city,narrow, limit.More time she spent the time in school, more she like everything and enjoy very moment in school. The school has the teachers taking their best efforts help each students in their academy, arts, curriculum etc. The teachers are familiar with every student and have very good relationships with students. My daughter involved in the sports of cross country and annal Broadway musical in school. As the rising seniors ,the AP chemistry teacher and AP calculus gave them a lot of summer time homework which has wonderful explanations about it .I was told that the AP chemistry teacher Pro. Rachel Jun is a recipient of a 2018Blackboard Award! I’m very very glad the school gives the engineering lesson and to my surprise,she equipped an amazing robot full of high technology during the class.
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A very small school, but most the faculty gives each student personalized assistance. The school offers a wide variety of programs and worthwhile help from college advisors, counselors and more. Resources are average, but the culture makes up for it.
My son is a senior and graduating this year. He is studying at CSS for three years and it has been a great experience so far. Although school's closer relation with Columbia U. is advantageous, number of AP courses are only a few, not enough. Most of the teachers are great, administration and college readiness is excellent. I wish they had a library in the building shared by three schools, or an access opportunity to Columbia libraries.
I have had an incredible academic journey at Columbia Secondary School. The kids are super encouraging and the general vibe is that kids will ensure they all succeed. The school is a bit heavy on project-based learning, but more often than not they are engaging and fun.
From my time in the Columbia Secondary School, I have learned that it is important to be involved in the school community and take advantage of all of the resources that are offered in the school's facilities. This includes nominations for extracurricular programs and college classes that can be taken outside of the school.
I'm still in freshman year, and I've been here since 6th grade. The school and academics are good in itself. The teachers are very passionate about what they teach compared to a lot of other schools I've heard of. It's honestly what you make of it. It's a hard school to be quite frank. The people here, aren't exactly the best and I've been involved in too much drama from 6th to 9th grade. Homework is not too hard or long if you manage your time well. This is a school where you can very easily get involved with the community, however, not many kids do. It's quite hard to be independent here, but you honestly can be if you try. But yeah, be aware of these things. You can take Columbia courses though, only if you're eligible and you have REALLY good grades. The dean is strict on the uniform policy, which is annoying. The girl's basketball team was cut off which really sucks, and the only sports that are really focused on are the boy's basketball, and the rugby team. Review by: Alyssa R.P
Overall I have greatly enjoyed my time at BSU and feel that it has prepared me for college in ways that I didn't expect.
I went to this school for seven years (middle school and high school) and I can say for sure that they prepared me for college. Their curriculum is STEM heavy, with engineering (with computer science), science, math, and technology all four years. The only thing I have to say is that their music and art curriculum is a little lacking. But there are still art opportunities! There is a musical production every year that takes a whole semester to prepare for. After school there are a number of clubs and electives for every interest (I enjoyed Video Game Club!). We even have a garden, complete with live chickens! College preparedness begins near the end of your Junior year; I was so ready that I had my college application finished before November, thanks to the college counselors. The teachers are great here, open for help (many of them have office hours). The workload might be tough at first, but it's nothing that students can handle. I will miss the school when I leave for college.
As far as New York City schools go, Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science and Engineering is a good school. You are given many opportunities as a student ,like the option to take classes at Columbia University, and there are no shortage in the amount of extra-curriculars you can take. This school also has a large emphasis on rugby and on STEM. The only problems with this school are that it is still young and can be very unorganized at times and also is very competitive with a heavy work load. However Overall it is a really good school and there is always something to do.
I really like the diversity at Columbia Secondary School. I’ve gained friends from all around the world from just being in school. Our academics are really good too because we have courses that challenge us beyond the average grade level that we are in.
My experience at CSS is very different. There are many highs and lows about the school, just like any other school. But overall, academically, the teachers do the best that they can do to educate us, and the students recognize that, even if we don't push ourselves to do our best. However, many of the students find CSS challenging due to the workload. But we're all up for the challenge, otherwise we would not be at CSS. CSS is a great school, and should be recognized more for being a great school instead of some of the things that have happened in the past at CSS.
I attended CSS for 7 years,and it was quite a unique experience for me. I felt that the school prepared me well as I go to college in the fall, with both the teachers and the ability to take classes at Columbia University to get a vibe of how college classes are. The school does have some variety of clubs and sports offered for students, but not as extensive compared to other schools,mostly since we share the building with 2 other schools so times for practices and games are limited.
CSS prepared me for college and encouraged me to apply to multiple colleges so I'd have a range of options.
I attended CSS from 6th all the way to 12th grade, and was quite happy with my experience. For its incredible diversity, strong sense of community, and challenging academics, I'd highly recommend CSS. Being able to take CU classes in my later years was a great opportunity, and the small grade sizes always meant that teachers built personal relationships with their students. All that being said, CSS is definitely not a typical selective NYC magnet school, and if that is the experience you're looking for I'd recommend against CSS. The school lacks proper funding, as evident by the cramped hallways and lack of a library, and the sense of competition found at schools like Bronx Science or Stuyvesant is completely absent. That isn't to say CSS isn't difficult if you want it to be - its just that the core curriculum (and administration) never push students too far our of their comfort zone. Overall, I'd definitely recommend the school.
It was very stressful at times, but the school does prepare the students for college. The school doesn't get much funding, and the administration can be frustrating at times, but it prepares the students for their next steps. Although small, the school has a big sense of community. Columbia Secondary is diverse, and holds events appreciating every bodies culture.
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I do not hold any grudges towards Columbia Secondary School and am very grateful for the time I had there. The access to various college course options were tremendously helpful and the college office takes good care of their students in the application process, as well as matching a student up to a good college for them. The family spirit of it is also well intact and fostered through activities and events held by the administration and parents of the students. The types of classes provided are also quite good, although their quality in actuality may fluctuate.
I like my classes. All of my classes are rigorous enough in order to prepare me and help me attain the skills necessary to succeed in college. Although the rule policies are pretty strict, and at times, annoying, I understand it's for the best, and they are just trying to maintain order. I've been at CSS for 5 years now and counting. I have made such great friends here, and you feel as if you know everyone because it's such a small school. Also, the teachers are very easy to reach out to. They really care about your education, and they all have their own office hours after school in order to ensure that you understand the material. About the school culture, we take pride in our musicals, which have so much support from everyone affiliated with the school. They are amazing. Overall, I have so far enjoyed my experience at CSS. Of course, we all hate coming to school because of the work, but I just enjoy my school in general.
Columbia Secondary is a great school for academics. You are encouraged to do your very best. Most of the teachers will help you if you ask and want you to succeed. This is a public school so the food and facilities are not the best but based off of what they have, we're better off than some others. Sports are not a big part of the CSS community but they are there. This school makes me feel ready for college because of the workload and how I've learned to manage it.
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