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A lot of the staff are quite judgey and unfair (dress code one student but another wears something far more revealing and doesn’t get dress coded). Water stains and leaks on the cellings, Overall it’s a below average school.
I like the teachers and some of the students are friendly. There are a lot of groups.
They are helpful and are always helpful.
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The people and teachers are fantastic and extremely accepting. Although, there is a lack of extracuriculars and the school does'nt have an over flow of money, the outstanding people make up for it. The classes are small, 18 for the max and every student is very close. I would choose this school again because all the laughs, learning, and memories are priceless.
Sports don't receive enough funding,
Everybody's white and from working class families. There are very few Native Americans, and no other races.
There's little to no choices for clubs, and the staff would love to help make some, I'm sure, but they're too busy with everything else.
We have a fairly new principle and I think he's trying really hard, but he's not focusing on the issues that people are actually concerned about. The dress code is understandable, but the discipline policy is too easy on kids who get in trouble a lot. All staff and board member and every body involved in the school community are constantly going above and beyond.
The cooks do their best with what they're given, but everybody complains about the portion sizes, and they're still hungry after lunch. There's no gluten-free or other diet options, either. I always have to pack a lunch and I mostly just skip lunch all together.
The faculty are incredible, they're always willing to help with academic and non-academic things. They do an amazing job with the resources they can get, and they are always working to get better for us. However, the community isn't really involved with the school, and the school spirit is very low.
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