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Columbia River is a good school. They offer the IB program for the Vancouver school district. The school also offers four language options which includes Spanish, German, French and American Sign language. There are plenty of opportunities to join various clubs and participate in many sports. There are several parent led clubs that help support our sports team as well as other aspects of the school including a parent led music association that supports the music program. This school is a smaller school that allows you to know everyone. The culture is supportive and encourages acceptance in diversity. All staff are welcoming and helpful and encourage students to be successful. Overall, Columbia River High School is a very good place to experience the high school career.
Columbia River was a really great high school. I played baseball there for all four years. The athletics at this school are amazing. All the coaches for all the sports were very polite and friendly. The teachers were very helpful in the classroom helping the students with all of their academic needs. Career services also were very helpful by helping the students getting prepared for college. I enjoyed my time at Columbia River High School. The community was very supportive and involved with the school. The school was pretty well maintained during my time attending the school. Even after I graduated from this school, I am welcome to use their facility to practice.
I participated in the full International Baccalaureate program. The IB teachers were great and it was fun to be a part of the 2019 IB group. I did notice that IB students got preferential treatment, though, so some of my friends encountered issues that I didn't face.
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Columbia River is a smaller school, i enjoy the environment they provide. The teachers are amazing and helpful.
It was the students that made it a bad school for me. So many rude and careless students are at this school. Also, most of the teachers here were pretty bad, also. I won't be attending this school anymore, can't say I'll miss it.
The quality of education received at Columbia River High School's IB program is exponential, however there is a major bullying issue. There is a lack of support and action taken for this specific issue. I had very strong connections to the teacher's, whom where more than not, flexible with my mental health. Although I struggled with mental illness, my teachers always put forth my education.
There are a lot of good programs at this school but they discourage students from participating in running start.
The Ib program brings the entire school down. River doesnt do a great job of executing the program, they center the entire school around it. It is well known among students that being a full time IB student fills your schedule, leaving little room for sports, extra curriculars, jobs, or a social life. The intensity of the program excludes those who need to work or have other big commitments. This wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, if the schools focus on IB didnt distract from other courses so much. The non-IB level classes are pathetically easy and not challenging. Also the stalls in the girls bathroom dont have locks, and havent my entire 4 years of high school.
I’ve been attending River since my freshman year. I am in the IB program, and it is a rigorous course. If you are someone who enjoys learning and growing River would be a great high school for you. We have frequent spirit weeks and student breakfasts/ food specials. The sports at River are good. Good equipment and coaches. River also has a variety of clubs and activities. It ranges from poetry club to outdoors club to Red Cross club to gay straight alliance club etc... basically we have a club for just about anything, and if there isn’t a club it’s so easy to start one. Sometimes the cafeteria food is gross, but most students leave campus for lunch. Rivers location is so nice because there’s a bunch of food options. Trust me it’s a big plus.
The school had decent academics, but the International Baccalaureate Program was extremely difficult. Staff and administrators were not always easy to work with.
I spent 3 of my 4 years of high school at River, and my overall perception of this school is almost entirely positive. Though River continues to grow the school is still a comfortable size, where a student won't feel overwhelmed by a massive student body. This directly contrasts our district competitor, Skyview, which is known for its oversized student body. River as well offers not only the IB program to all it's students, but as well as the Running Start program. Both have their pros and cons, but outside of accelerated learning the "normal" classes at River are just as engaging. The staff are often very kind and willing to listen and help students, specifically teachers. Overall River is a great high school for any student who seeks multiple opportunities, as well as a comfortable and engaging high school experience.
I liked the IB program, but the school is very football centric, and I would like to see that change. For people who are not interested in football it tends to be very overpowering.
Columbia River is a very welcoming environment with lots of school spirit. Upon entering your freshman year you are taken under the wing of Link Crew leaders, upperclassmen dedicated to helping you transition into high school. There are so many different ways to get involved around the school, whether it be sports or clubs.
You can achieve a high school if you can survive the social challenges and ignorance in the administration. Many of the teachers are wonderful, the selection of sports available is outstanding but for the general education student that is not in IB or a sports star they get ignored and some survive while others fall thru the cracks. Disappointing there is so much favoritism in administration.
Good acedemics. Sports are okay, but there are better schools if you want sports education. The school staff strive to make Columbia River a good and safe environment for everyone. The teachers really care about each individual person, not just if they get an education.
The IB program really helped me prepare for college! The teachers at River teach high quality curriculum and are very intelligent. You can tell everybody wants to be there.
Some truly great teachers in the IB program - they inspired me to become who I am today! They're very encouraging and challenging at times. School was designed for a sunny place like California with courtyards - not fun to walk through in the rain for most of the school year.
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I liked the teachers that were at Columbia River. I felt a connection with most of my teachers and as a student you could truly tell that each teacher was there for to give you the best education. I did not however my sports career, despite graduating and continuing to play basketball in college.
I had some really great teachers who made my experience really great. And I also participated in extracurriculars that helped improve my experience. I really find the running start program through Clark College a great advantage to the area. You can get your High School Diploma as well as two years of college completed! This can jump start you life and set you up for some amazing experiences all while saving youcollege expenses.
Columbia River is a good school. The IB program will more than prepare a student for college, but not so much the standard classes.
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