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Columbia Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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There were fights and bullying all the time, kids didn't want to be there so that affected the teachers, had to "rent" books because the school was out of money in the budget but was busy upgrading their sports facilities. Most people that I see online that were not in advanced classes still can not communicate effectively. In my opinion the school should have been taken over by hempfield years ago. It was a sad excuse for a learning environment despite many teachers best efforts.
My high school experience was one for the books! I can never repay the people who helped me throughout high school. In such a small town the high school experience is non-traditional. Columbia was my home away from home.
Columbia High School is a very small school but everyone knows each other and are so welcoming. The school is very diverse, with a variety of different kinds of students. Teachers try their best to educate students, although most of them don't want to listen. I would describe Columbia as "a big family". Students who come here know everyone, even if it includes their business.
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Columbia High School is a amazing school with great teachers, who care about the students and want the best for the students. Columbia has taught to me to be myself and I can really do anything I put my mind too.
I started going to Columbia in 7th grade and I excelled all throughout school up until I graduated and it paid off, literally. There were so many scholarships available and the faculty and staff were so helpful throughout my entire high school experience. Playing sports was an awesome experience at a small school you get lots of support. The sense of closeness and community was a plus in such a small town. I can't stress how important my teachers were in preparing me for college and really life in general even when they weren't teaching they taught lessons outside of lessons. I enjoyed my experience at Columbia junior senior high school and the faculty was a huge part of that.
Pretty good places the food could be better and we don't have a lot of sports teams and we now have a police officer there at all times.
I loved my experience here. I have grown up in Columbia and most people I currently am in school with, I have been with since kindergarten. It's a special place to have such a sense of community. I know nearly everyone that goes here and I have a relationship with most teachers. The staff here genuinely care about student well-being.
I feel there should be more extracurricular opportunites for students to bemore involved in. The sports we have may not be what some studetn wish to partake in. Having more options and opportunities might give students a chance to explore new hidden talents and skills.
It is a small school which can be a good and bad thing. Everyone knows everyone so that is good. There is a lot more drama and unnecessary altercations because of this as well. This school also does not have as many sports as other schools do, which is a disadvantage for athletic students attending this school.
Some teachers more so than others genuinely care about the students and their success. However, they are a few that do not.
Whenever you have a problem or feeling down and need to get something off your chest you could always go to any teacher at Columbia High School and they will listen and give great advice. For example I lost my son last year and need to talk it out most days and whoever I went to was 110% there for me and listening!
It's not a horrible school, but it does get a bad rep.
The building is not very large and not the best. The best area in the school is our library. Technology is used in a few classes for research purposes. The guidance counselor is new and counsels all grades 7-12. Our school offers tutoring after school at least once maybe twice a week. We do not have a bus system.
I wouldn't choose this school because of the reputation put upon it. It is not the most educational school. I would choose this school because of the faculty and how caring the staff is towards their students.
The school is fairly safe. A few fights happen between students but are broken up relatively quick. The school nurse is kind and knows a few things on how to treat students.
The cafeteria is fairly clean and kept. Staff is friendly. The menu is adequate along with variety. Not many snacks are put out. Whole grain pasta and breads have replaced white breads.
Many student enjoy the involvement of athletics. Many of our teams are average with a few very good team members. Our fans consist of parents and friends. School spirit has risen in the past few years. Many students are very enthusiastic towards certain teams. The athletic facilities are pretty basic and average.
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Many teachers are very knowledgable in the field they teach. All teachers are very friendly and give respect to students. They communicate well when information is misunderstood, they make a valiant effort to help the student who is struggling. All teachers have a grading rubric and know how to score tests and quizzes fairly and with consistency
Clubs such as chess and quiz bowl have been recently acquired. I don't know of many people that have involved themselves with such clubs. The administration is Bert supportive of the athletics mostly. Some teachers are actually coaches and one teacher is the head of the quiz bowl team. After school activities include drama/theatre, jazz band, marching band and a variety of sports such as football, cheerleading, tennis, cross country, wrestling, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, track and field, and bowling. Most popular are mostly sports.
There are some teachers who care a lot and while go the extra mile to help students; some even might help you in college with proofreading or Spanish conjugating. There are some teachers though that go to school and go home without really caring about the impact they might have on a student.
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