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Columbia is a decent school but you don’t learn a bunch. Some of the teachers don’t act like they care.
If you are in the "Running Start" program, you are treated like a skunk and don't expect to get any local scholarship that passes through the school.
I really enjoyed to play sports here and all of the friendly people. Teachers where always their when you needed their help. Well at least some of them where. Some people it seemed as if they didn't really care about your grade.
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I liked the teachers and classes offered on campus. I also really enjoyed all the different opportunities to get ready for college for example work shops or college fairs that were available to students. I personally really enjoyed being there and being surrounded by friends and teachers who taught me so much throughout my years at CHS.
Columbia High School is a very relaxed environment that is big on school spirit, education, and safety. They encourage their students to do their very best every single day to prepare them for their future after high school.
I liked the small size of the school, the ability to join in the community, the cross country team is amazing, the wrestling program has improved drastically, the track team is great. There's a lot of support from teachers and staff to be part of something. The town supports the school. I felt like I belonged.
It's a small school, but the teachers are nice and they truly want the students to succeed. There are quite a few clubs, including Mock Trial, Knowledge Bowl, FBLA, NHS, Global action, Robotics, and FFA. The school's soccer and cross country teams both often go to state and do quite well.
Better than some schools, it also has a running start program unlike most schools
We don't really have any extensive security measures, just visitor sign ins and basic procedures for fire drills, lock downs, etc.
We have a lot of clubs and sports and a lot of people do sports
I don't really know any of the parents or how they are with the school and kids
The teachers are pretty good a teaching their subjects.
The only safety measure we have are manual door locks and visitor sign in. If there is an armwd suspect etc on school grounds the only way we would know they are there is if the principle goes on the intercom or we hear a gun
Some of the sports like cheerleading and football represent our school well, but you have to pay hundreds of dollars to do cheeleading, and every club you have to pay some sort of fee. All other sport teams beside football you have to help pay for transportation and new uniforms
I find it frusterating how some teachers don't know how to teach or are incredibly rude so you don't end up learning anythong. The school loses recipts for the payments you make all the time and all of the clubs are majorly unfunded. The technology anf WiFi are very poor and during the winter never work
The teachers don't always try very hard to stop classroom discussion, and the extracurricular classes are essentially usless and don't learn much of anything. There aren't enough teachers to teach a variety of subjects so must students like myself have to take classes online and pay for them out of pocket
I really enjoy my time spent at this school. The ASB leaders do a wonderful job of uniting the entire school during sporting events and assemblies. Overall, I feel really wonderful about attending this school. It is like a tight community.
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This is a great school. Teachers and parents care about the success of the students. Athletic coaches care not only about the success of the team but the individual in both that said sport and their academics.
What I really love about this school is that everyone is always supportive and encourages each other to be better people. Although the classes are limited, I got to know some people that I otherwise would've never known. Over all, it was great spending four years of my life growing as a person at Columbia High School.
Most classes are taught at very slow and mundane paces and not much material and course work can be completed in class period or even in the whole course.
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