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Many of my teachers were incredible, helping me succeed in subjects I had not been great at previously. There was good student involvement.

Guidance was ok, but sometimes I left with unanswered questions.

The discipline dept. often exhibited unequal treatment between the sexes, races, and social class of the students. Only dress-coding the "uglier" girls and ignoring the guys completely.

As it is a sports oriented school, other departments lacked funding. Our theatre department was denied many benefits of other organizations. Wrestlers ripped our stage curtains and the school told us it was the responsibility of the theatre dept. to fix them, as well as to replace burned out stage lights left on after awards ceremonies, among other unequal treatment.
Columbia High School is a fun experience. I like that CHS has a variety of different electives and clubs to be apart of and that everyone has a chance to be apart of something. I like how hands-on you're able to be with what you enjoy, like me with the Veterinary class they have on campus with a variety of animals to interact with. One thing I would change is communication. I think finding out information about certain things could be made a bit more clear.
It is a good school. The teachers are nice and are willing to help you succeed in life. The principal is dedicated to his school and wants to see everyone succeed. The school is a little old so some changes and repairs are needed such as chairs and desks in certain classrooms.
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Columbia High School has brought me some of my greatest memories and has helped shape me into the person I am today. I attend school proud of myself and comfortable with the safety of the general facility.
It was an interesting experience, I grew up in Lake City and I loved most of the people there. I only had a problem with one teacher. She was hands down the worst human being I’ve ever meant, she was a very good teacher but she bullied kids and would constantly talk about her ex husband and cry in front of class. She would also try to sabotage kids future for her own amusement. But besides her the other teachers are amazing people and I will always love the people there.
Everyone at CHS is friendly, helpful and pays attention detail. They are willing to go out of their way to help you improve. Awesome school
My past three years at Columbia Highschool have been nothing short of interesting. I’ve made many friends with students and the administrators. Columbia has always made me feel like they truly care about my education and well being. The best part about Columbia is the feeling of one big family, we fight, we cry, and we all grow together. Teachers will take time out of their day to either come in early or stay later just to insure your knowledge of the topic is secured. My senior year will be very stressful with the amount of college activities I have, but I know that Columbia will be there to help me every step of the way.
Great School! Lovely environment! Great teachers! A couple of my favorites are Mrs. Merker, Mrs. Williamson, and Mrs. Free. Great extra curricular activities.
Every teacher at this school is very great at doing there jib and they care about everyone that walks in through the doors. The location of the school is perfect. The food is not so bad. And lastly the people you meet there will surely be your life long friends.
Columbia Heights is really does feel like a small school - Compared to nearby schools such as Spring Lake Park, the "bustle" is so much more manageable and less intimidating, in my opinion.

I'm a social studies nerd, and the social studies department - even the new teachers - were always a treat and fun to talk to. My APUSH teacher has endless bounds of energy and passion for teaching American history, and it's really shaped me as a person and really guided me on discovering my political beliefs and what I stand for as a person.
Columbia High school is located in a small town and it is the only high school in town. This is a great aspect because everyone knows everyone and all the teachers and administrators are very supportive and caring.
Columbia High School is a wonderful school to grow up in. I’ve never felt so comfortable with being myself anywhere else. This school has taught me so much about being able to accept who I am as a person, and love myself just the way I am. Columbia High School is the heart of the community of Lake City, Florida, and is a place where everyone can come together, and become one giant family. It truly has been the best High School Experience I, or anyone, could ever ask for.
This high school is alright for most days but I would advise you to take your child to another high school because Columbia High would have fights like every single day after school
Columbia high school is a school with lots of diversity lots of support from the administration & community and just a great place for a child to go in order to be perfectly prepared for college.
Overall, I really enjoyed my four years at Columbia High School. The community, athletics and support system was phenomenal. The teachers and staff were always super helpful and got to know each student on more of a personal level so, they were able to notice when kids were having bad days or needed extra help when learning. If there's one thing I wish I could change at this school would be the academic standard. Some of the Honors classes didn't seem much more challenging than the standard ones.
I liked the opportunities that Columbia high school presented me with. The gave me the opportunity to attend duel enrollment and cut the costs of my college down. The things that i would like to see change is the favoritism. For a school in a small town it is difficult to get into a sport or club if you do not know the right people.
This is an excellent school with a variety of resources for the high school student. I not only had two children graduate from there I also used to work there as a special education class room aide. Very good school.
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Columbia high school is a very good school compared to the rest! The staff is helpful and go out their way to find what you're looking for. Its very safe and welcoming. I would like for them to change the dress code.
My experience at Columbia high school has been well but it could use a few improvements such as the food made in the cafeteria. As for the academics i feel as if we need more programs to help students with their education
Very great school to get prepared for a further education, big classes and large building. Moderately nice atmosphere, helpful teachers and okay food. Great choice for a public high school.
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