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Columbia High School is continuously rated one of the top schools in the Capital Region. The school is very good at helping each student succeed no matter who they are. The teachers are second to none and love their students.
I loved the school it was one that I think all other schools should look up to them and follow there example. they are one of the best schools with teachers and parents that really support there children and student to learn and improve in there academy, physical and emotional support. This school has helped to groom young minds all over the world that didn't think of themselves to have a chance to learn or to make something of themselves but they have through coming to this school and learning under the support of there wonderful staff. I would really love to see this school improve with the support of the government in making there academic performance greater than it already is.
Columbia High School is a big, diverse school with great academic courses, especially in various sciences and mathematics. The school has a graduation rate above 99% and has lots of student athletes going to various colleges and universities with athletic scholarships each and every year.
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Worst educational experience of my life. The teachers are completely inadequate and do not know how to do their jobs. They do not prepare you for the real world at all. Sports here are awful as well, its all politics based. Just have to have the right last name. In addition to that, there is no tolerance among the students at all. Slurs get thrown around on the daily, and the faculty do nothing to stop it. If I could give this school zero stars, I would.
I have enjoyed my time at Columbia and the sports programs and extra curricular activities are excellent. If I could change one thing it would probably be to have multiple entrances to the school parking lot because the traffic in the morning is severe and causes people to be late often.
I liked the relationships I developed with my teachers. I also appreciated how involved the principal was. Safety was his top priority in the school after the shooting there in the early 2000s. He also was very supportive of the many ways students wanted to be involved in the community. The teachers I had were also supportive and always willing to accommodate their schedules to offer help.
I had an overall good experience. i suffered from many set backs and the staff really helped me move foreword . The staff in the guidance department especially Mrs. Rickson really helped me. she was instrumental to my success.
Columbia has been a very good school for me as an honors and AP student. The teachers and faculty are extremely helpful and the homework load is not too bad. The school board and student council aim to help students and change policies that need to be changed.
I was bullied for years and they did nothing about it. The bully was on the principal's leadership team, so basically untouchable. Loved my classes and teachers, but it was unbearable.
Columbia High School has been my home for the past 4 years and I am actually very sad to be graduating in 4 months. It has given me countless opportunities to further my education and has helped me discover what I am passionate about. I have made lifelong friends here and I am very grateful to have spent so much time at Columbia with the wonderful staff and students.
Columbia High School gives students a taste of how education and learning will be conducted in a college setting. The teachers, faculty, and staff worked with students and P.T.O. on school events, fundraisers, and educational opportunities.
The education, along with the educational opportunities are superb. The teachers truly care about the students. There are many clubs, making it easy to find something you are interested in. The only complaint is the quality of the food. However, it does seem to be improving.
I think that Columbia prepares its students very well for their futures in or outside of a college environment. I am, however, disappointed with the lack of funding that goes into arts programs there. Although they do support the arts, they concentrate heavily on STEM programs, and for students who do not excel in those areas or are not interested in them, that seems unfair.
I really enjoyed my Freshmen year at Columbia. Since Goff is the one middle school in the district, you know most of your classmates already. Most of my teachers were very helpful, especially Mrs. Massiello and Mrs. Lansing. As long as you aren't a bad student (and the teacher is in a good mood) most teachers and councilors are willing to help (provided they aren't doing something else at the moment). But there are some very common criticisms of the school. One is the "no tolerance policy", which students feel doesn't give students leeway to defend themselves if someone starts a fight with them. The others are about the building itself. The hallways are too small, and the needs to be a hallway between the third floors of the North and South towers.
Decent school in a good school district.
Good opportunities for academic success, and many diverse clubs and activities.
Columbia means well but often times take a cheesy approach to fixing real issues, making things like bullying seem like a joke
Columbia High School helps kids prepare for college by offering various courses that challenge your skills as a student. Overall very friendly school with very little drama, I have enjoyed going there for the last four years.
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It is a great school for academics and will help you grow as a person. I personally like sports and the teams help you make friends and learn how to work in a team or even to be a leader.
I loved my experience with the teachers at Columbia and I had many of them who looked out for me and guided me on my path to college and graduate school. The Science Olympiad Team is insanely amazing and strong and set me up on a path for strong work in academia. The sports teams could use some work since there is too much of a political game involved which detracts from the success of the teams. Also, the administration is a sham and the school board spends too much money paying the superintendent instead of supporting the arts and sciences. Pay cuts should occur at the administration level since they are not supportive and do not aid in the college search. I found that teachers were the most useful resources.
A large majority of the teachers at Columbia truly care about your success in and outside of the classroom.
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