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Columbia High School is a good overall school but is not a great school for kids that really want to excel and take higher level classes. The school only offers 3 AP classes. Most of the teachers are lazy and only are teachers so they can coach the sports teams. Most kids leaving the school do not feel ready for college. However, the staff is very nice and there is really not much bullying going on throughout the school.
I went to Columbia Local Schools from kindergarten all they way through my senior year. My high school in the district was Columbia High School. I was here for my whole time in high school. I would highly recommend going to this school. It has a great group of students, teachers, and other staff. I formed many friendships here because everyone is so nice and open to new people. My teachers also prepared me very well for college and life after college. I also formed very good bonds with the teachers and staff as well. There isn't much I can say bad about this school. I loved it there and wouldn't chose anywhere else to go for school.
The time I have been in this school, extracurricular activities have become better and more students are getting involved, many clubs I didn't even know existed now happen yearly.
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Extracurricular programs send out great messages to our community, and tend to do really well. We do projects and people engage with new friends and make memories that will be cherished for awhile.
I feel that the staff could have more knowledge and a little more guidance. Some teachers act like students, and rather than being role models they try to hard to be the students friend than teach them and prepare them for the real world. I feel completely behind other schools , education wise. Many assignments are last minute and are not graded well, some students get special treatment and others just don't get the light of day. I am someone who enjoys learning even if it is a struggle, but when I don't understand a concept and the teachers don't help me, it can certainly be hard. Time management is a huge problem it seems for the teachers , which makes it more difficult for us as well. I think if Columbia put a little more work and dedication into their jobs it could be one of the best schools, but they don't try and are fine with the bare minimum. Except for football , this school lives off of football and sports. It's a small town , it makes sense. All I know is that I try so hard to accomplish my goals, and sometimes I feel like I am just wasting my time going to this school. I want to go to a good college and hopefully have a better teaching staff.
It offers : key club, SAD, student council,

sports: softball, baseball, basketball,track,soccer,football, volleyball,golf, cheer leading,
My favorite thing from Columbia High School was my junior year chemistry class and my senior prom/ after prom. Honestly this school was mainly focused on sports from my experience. I would recommend this school for kids who love sports but want a basic education, but for kids who want a great education i would not recommend it .
When I went to Columbia High School my junior year i had different teachers than there are now. The teachers i had were very helpful if we didn't understand something, and very knowledgeable. With my chemistry class for example she would do a lot of experiments to explain the different reactions from the equations.
The nurse at this school is only in maybe twice a week. If you're not feeling well you go home. There are not many security measures. Once in a while there are dog sweeps. Bullying is somewhat of an issue. It's not all the time but since this school is so tight knit, if you're not part of the group then you get troubled for it.
This school has quite a few options of extracurricular activities. Like before, athletics play a big role in this community and school. It is definitely the most popular especially football; it's their pride. The administration's support is not as great for clubs such as key club or student counsel as it is for the school athletics.
This school is very small in population which makes everybody very close with eachother. The downside is the teachers or students do not take the learning seriously. In this school the only thing that is important to the staff, students and parents of this school are the athletics.
The teachers are there to make money. Not to do their jobs and teach high school students. Not all of the teachers here are like this, but most.
Although there is not too many clubs, the ones we have are good.
Everyone supports everything else. All the games and concerts have great turnouts and no one downs on someone for their interests.
Some of the teachers are absolutely amazing and will do literally anything to help you succeed. Others not so much. They are all kind and really care about the students, some of the teachers would just rather be our friends than our teachers. Despite this we still do learn a lot, some classes are just very casual.
School cleaned every night and day.
Key Clib, SADD, Leaders Club, National Honors
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Not many activities to offer. Clubs are very small and are led mostly by the same teachers.
Columbia is a very small community and school, so everyone knows everyone. In some cases (like drama) it is annoying that everyone knows your business, but for athletics it is an environment like no other. Everyone is so supportive and caring.
The teachers at CHS are very approachable. Teachers at CHS make sure they take the time of day for one on one interaction with their students. If a student is struggling a teacher at CHS will make themselves available to help the student. I have had a wonderful experience at Columbia and I would recommend it to anyone.
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