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I believe the school is much better than what someone who hasn't experienced it will tell you, but my peers have really made high school an "interesting" experience. The culture of my school is one that doesn't hold respect for authoritative figures. Many of the my peers just don't care about their education. While I have enjoyed my time in high school, having to deal with my peers and their behavior that includes blatant disrespect on a daily basis has really caused for me to not have enjoyed high school as much as I thought I would.
I personally really enjoyed my years at Columbia High. The students and teachers were welcoming to me when I transferred my junior year. Wouldn't trade my experience and best friend for the world.
Columbia high school is a average high school. Some teacher actually help you do the work and learn while other simply just hand you a packet and call it a day. It does matter what you do with it and how you go about the work and also how u treat the teachers because that is also what determines how the teacher will teach.
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My years in high school were actually great. I made a lot of friends, joined a lot of clubs, and made many connections that I believe would help me in the long run. I loved it and I graduated Salutatorian.
Well I'm a 2018 class graduate from Columbia high. I won homecoming king when I attended overall my years there were fun and challenging .I compacted my life there with many activities such as track, tennis, student government, CHS news, baseball team manager and many more
I like about Columbia high school is "I like my school because it has some really cool teachers who make the lessons interesting and really make you want to work hard. Although I was bullied last year the school did things about it and gave me support." "I like school because I get to do things that can't do at home and I love seeing my friends." And I would change Schedule because Students should NOT have 3 months off in the summer. Students lose a lot of knowledge and understanding when they are gone that long. Students should have frequent breaks, though - all work and no play really is detrimental. My proposal would be a 6-weeks on (with weekends), 10 days off system. This gives us 52-day chunks, and 7 of them make a full year. Some chunks would be a day shorter or a day longer, based on leap year and regional variations.
I attended Columbia High School my freshman year. I was involved in many activities such as Marching Band, Cheerleading, JROTC, Senior Leadership and Honors Society.
I like the honors/AP courses at Columbia High. The teachers in those departments care about your education and actually take the time to make sure the information is grasped. Though, a change I would like to see from the school as a whole is more discipline and school pride. The entire school is divided and there are certain groups that ruin everything for the school for us to not have any privileges, only making the student body more unruly.
My experience at this particular high school has had its moments. Columbia High teachers and staff have a vision for their students but it just seems that they don’t know what route to take to achieve that vision. They either come up with a decision at the last minuet or don’t come up with anything at all to see a change in their students and more importantly the school. Teachers here will actually work with each individual student though, to help them understand the work given. The best I can say about this school is the support from the teachers and mainly the principal is what keeps the school running.
I attended Columbia High School my senior year.There were numerous fights that were not handled correctly by administration and there were a few times where I felt my safety was at risk.I do feel like the education in classes were poor. In most instances in several of my classes we didn’t not learn any material for several reasons such as the class being so disruptive, the teacher simply didnt feel like teaching or the class paid little or no attention to the teacher. Due to it being my senior year there were activities and events that were planned and cancelled due to poor communication between staff which made seniors reluctant to participate or feel excited about anything except the graduation itself. One thing that I would like to see change in Columbia High School is parent participation and seeing them as well as different people in the community come out a support the students to show that their hardwork has not gone unnoticed.
My experience at Columbia High School has been lifechanging. It gave me a better understanding what striving for excellence means. I would change the way kids skip class and talk back to the teachers.
My school is very good, the teachers are willing to work one on one with every student so that they could get a better understanding on things they didn't understand before.
We need more activities at the school along with better administrators. The morale of the school is poor as a whole and the expectations for students need to be higher than they are since administration does not seem to think that we can do more than what we do.
i love the bond you can build with the teachers and how they are willing to help, i also love that some of the kids want better for the school and would be gracious to see a change. if i could change something about the school it would be the canteen of course, id have it provide a variety of different things. i would also change some of the sports programs, its not always the kids, sometimes the coaches just aren't the best.
My experience at Columbia high was average. I liked the teachers and would like to see change in the food.
Within the school students are not disciplined by administrators like they should be. Some behavior students show tends to be overlooked by staff.
Columbia High School is a good school, but I believe that the students don't use their resources that are giving to them or don't use them properly. I know that the teachers are rooting and pushing for the students to do better. The food isn't the best tasting but it's better than nothing.
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Columbia High School Have an amazing learning environment. The teachers there really care about you and your education. The students are easy to communicate with and understand. You'll most likely find someone with the same goals as you.
Throughout my four years at CHS, I've learned how to become the successful woman I am today. Columbia High School had really taught me the lesson of life. CHS taught me its more to than just staying on broad river. I can become anything I want to as long as I put my mind to it.
I loved that school . It was like a big family . However, I would say I wasn't ready for college. Some teachers got me ready while others did not.
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