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The administration was my aspect of attending CHS. Mr. Yancey is fair and treats everyone with respect. Whenever I had an issue, I would take it to him because I knew it would be resolved effectively.
The school itself has it's ups and downs. You have certain teachers that are very good and then some who you will hate. A lot of teachers have favorites, which drove me crazy.
This school has the potential to be great. They have great facilities, and amazing links to the Early College High School program. I was really discouraged by the teachers at this school. There are a small handful who are delightful and really seem to care, but the majority are pretty apathetic. The teachers at CHS like to pick one or two students to be their poster child for the schools success, and put all their focus on them, and leave the other kids behind in the dust. for most of the kids in this town, CHS is the only thing they have. IT could be their ticket to bigger and better places, but its not. In my years there I have witnessed significant bullying, even towards mentally handicapped students. I have seen verbal bullying occur both from students and educators. The school is very cliquy, and many teachers and high up faculty members have obvious favorites. The best thing about this school is the art class. The art teacher at CHS is the best thing about the school.
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Easy to use. Well organized site. would recommend to my friends. Niche is a good place for first-time searches.
I like this school because cliques are minimal.
My Biology teacher would jump off tables and things like that just to keep us students awake and excited.
The school is so bland, they do nothing to try and make the material more easier to learn and try and incorporate real world examples
most of the teachers are easily approachable and are consistent but then the majority are very inconsistent and change their mind and fuss the students out for doing it one way and then we turn it in and they say do it a different way.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the extra-curricular activities that my school has offered me. The coaches push you, but encourage you to do better. Coaches also give everyone a chance to prove themselves worthy of a starter position. however the athletes don't always have the greatest attitudes witch often brings down the teams. The club's in our school do their best to stay active with the community and help out with whatever they can. Clubs also include teachers and most students.
limited staff to lead clubs
All reasources are avilable and manageable.
The school nurse is often times available.
Teamates work hard together and always show positive sportsmanship. For such a small school, strangers would be suprised by how much coaches and teamates encourage and motivate one another, no matter the outcome of any certain match.
The cafeteria workers are very friendly and helpful, more food options should be served to students.
Students are friendly, but diversity is limited thus various cliques are distinguishable at the school.
There are a veriety of clubs, but student participation is sometimes limited.
Teachers demonstrate interpersonal skills amonst students ensuring students are comfortable in class and assistance is always available when needed. The staff makes an effort to provide a interactive learning exsperience. Bullying is not tolerated in any circumstance and students are aware of this. School rules have been established as preventive measures and defience is delt with accordingly.

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Columbia High School has always been enjoyable which is quite awesome. The teachers are high-quality, effective and really care about the students. The staff attempts to encourage students to do the best in all classes. They also educate students on higher education and prepare them for what's needed in the years ahead after graduating.
The administrators at Columbia take their time to listen to students. Although they ensure the dress code is being followed, they do allow us to have dress down days or jean days. The faculty and staff are helpful and are willing to stay after hours to work with students, regardless of the subject area. If a student needs to vent, there is always someone to listen who won't judge. The faculty, staff and administrators care about the students and this reflects in student behavior. Students know they are cared about and that their opinion matters.
Although the buildings are painted an instutional neutral color, the rooms are bright and vibrant, the floors are clean and the atmosphere is welcoming. During the summer, the custodians and maintenance crew work hard to prep the buildings for the new year and they continue to work hard throughout the school year keeping the buildings clean and safe. Everywhere you look, technololgy is being utlizied. A majority of students are either taking college classes or are enrolled in on-line classes. Teachers stay after school for tutoring and we have mandated tutorial sessions for students who are enrolled in the Early College.
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