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I enjoyed my time attending Columbia High School for the resiliency and college preparations that were instilled in me. This school taught me how to manage multiple assignments as well as prioritizing life.
Columbia High School is a overall great school. The teachers there teach you to go for your goal academically. There is plenty to do there but overall you learn from a good experience of being apart of the school as a whole.
I love Columbia High School! It was probably the most fun 4 years of my life. The students and the staff are so friendly and kind. When you walk into Columbia High School, you are instantly a part of the Wildcat Family!
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Overall I really enjoyed my time at Columbia High School. The athletics and academics were both very inclusive and helped me achieve my best potential.
During my years at CHS, most sports/activities were hard to participate in because of racial profiling by some of the teachers. Some teachers showed favoritism while some gave equal amounts of attention to each student. The administration/superintendent was too strict, but since they've gotten a new superintendent the rules have changed to a more freedom filled environment. The students never had much say in school functions except homecoming and prom.
Columbia High School is a great school. The staff and students are very supportive. The students help classmates build confidence.
Columbia High School is a GREAT school to attend. All of my teacher starting from my freshman year to my senior year prepared me for my college experience. The teachers and administrative staff was very welcoming and love to see each and every student excel in whatever the student was passionate about. The diversity in the school was very welcoming , also. Everybody loved everybody and treated everyone the same with love and dignity. The campus is very safe for students with police enforcement on campus, gates , and also cameras for back up security. The sports team have a big fan base as well. I am proud to say I am an Alumna of Columbia High School class of 2016.
What I like about Columbia High School was the faculty and staff member pushed there students to strive for there best and never give up. They told us to give it our all and become successful adults and know where we came up from.
I really enjoyed the atmosphere at Columbia High School. You could tell that the teachers really cared about the children's learning.
My instructors assist in helping their students, and making sure we understand!
Much attention given to safety and preparedness
Could be improved greatly with changes to the schedule so that more kids can participate in multiple activities
Successful overall but lots of room for betterment from a leadership perspective
Teachers genuinely care about the kids and their job
The academics at this school are extremely limited. For a student wanting to participate in extracurricular activities (which have their own class periods during the day) and go to college, the classes available are extremely limited. The only classes available are the ones required to graduate and get accepted to college. There is practically no option for online classes, unless they are completely sought out by the student. The scheduling process is very easy because of the limited classes available.
With the constant gang activity that goes on at this school, it is almost impossible to truly feel safe. The safety officer that was on duty during my attendance was not helpful whatsoever, and played a huge part in making students uncomfortable. There were many fights, sometimes multiple in one day. It was not a comfortable learning environment at all.
While the amount of activities available to students is decent, it is almost impossible for any students to participate in multiple activities. The only activities that thrive at this school are the athletics, while any academic activities such as debate, or math and science team either don't exist or barely have any participation. The administration is not supportive of the activities at all, and seldom show up to school functions that are held after hours. The teachers who are in charge of the activities are the reason that they thrive, because the administration is in no way helpful to any of the activities except the athletics.
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I would not choose to go to this school again. The academic curriculum is not enforced, and as a student who was capable of accomplishing things that are above and beyond, students were in no way encouraged to do more than simply graduate. In fact, students were advised against taking any AP tests because it was believed nobody could pass. The administration and guidance at this school greatly limits the capability of any students trying to achieve more out of their high school education.
While there are some teachers who love their job and go above and beyond what is required, the majority do not. Most class days are spent watching movies, or with students having casual conversations, accomplishing nothing. The authority figures at the school do not enforce any teaching standards whatsoever, therefore few teachers try to do any more than what is minimally required.
We have a school nurse, we have anti-bullying assemblies all of the time. We have anti-bullying posters all over the walls of the school, just to indicate how we hate bullying. Our school is very safe we have a police on duty every single day, and he attends every extra curricular event that our school is apart of, and if we have to different sports going on at the same time, we have other polices to come help and go to that event. We have health seminars frequently throughout the school year for the students.
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