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Its a really good school. You have the chance to join an extra curricular activities. Teachers really help you apply to colleges and to find scholarships.
Columbia heights educational campus is a great school. As long as you stay on track and be prepared every day, you will be good for the amount of time you will be attending Columbia heights educational campus. The teachers understand that not everybody learns one way so they all have a different ways on teaching students. The staff administrators also make every student feel welcomed from the beginning of the school day all the way towards the end. The school is also diverse. You see different types of cultures and everyone is excepted for who they are. The lunch at the school also has a variety of things, if you are not in the mood for pizza, you have nachos, if you don’t want nachos, you have a sandwich, chicken, burger, whatever you want. In conclusion Columbia heights educational campus is a great school to attend. From all the different opportunities, to programs, to making everyone feel welcomed and a great learning experience.
Columbia Heights Education Campus is an application based school that is strictly dedicated to their students and their college readiness. From frequent academic presentations and college level essays required for graduation, the school is overall such an amazing place to ensure that you are ready for college. Aside from rigorous work , CHEC is a social justice focused school and push their students to engage in their communities as much as possible. For this reason, another graduation requirement is to obtain a minimum of 100 community service hours and 80 internship hours.

In summary, the rich learning experience offered in CHEC is one that I suggest that you must not pass on. They offer many resources and provide you with the support you need in order to ensure that you are ready for the world after high school
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There was a lot to do at the school, they had a ceramics class that was fun and I was able to make a vase. There was a lot of interesting clubs such as philosophy club that would go through odd conversations to conversations that made you rethink a lot of things in your life. Everyone is friendly, hugging someone as a greeting was such a normal thing at school.
The school give a lot of apurtunities. And give a good educación to student, and Teacher support the students.
I liked the teachers and the overall vibe of strong school spirit. I enjoyed how the administrators always tried to push the students in the right direction to success.
My experience has been great at my school. Academically this school has been doing fine. A lot of people has been getting into good schools. Most teachers are amazing.
When I first started at CHEC, there were many bad comments about the school but the education and content is rigorous which is preparing us for college. The administration and teachers take their time to build connections with you in and out of school which shows that they care about the students and their success.
I am able to learn new things everyday. The lunch is decent sometimes. Most teachers offer help after school. There is also Saturday School for students who need help with homework and projects. The teacher to student ratio is good.
This is my first year at Bell High school. The staff and teachers have been extremely welcoming and encourage me to take part in school activities. The school's demographic is very diverse. There is a College and Career center that helps seniors prepare themselves for higher education. There was also a SAT prep class which I took advantage of and I am content with my scores. The school has many events and its always exciting when you step on campus.
The school is great if you're new to the country. But other than that is okay it does challenge its student but you can tell there is some favoritism.
The school is very diverse, and teachers really focus on the students academic achievements in order for the student to grow mentally. The school is organized, but its small for its accomplishments.
The school is a multicultural school. Student's from all backgrounds attend the school. It provides you with some AP courses but it does not help you prepare for college. They don't give you the material that we need in order to be prepared. The school's population is too big for the amount of space.
What I like about Columbia Heights Education Campus is that it gives you a lot of career choice options for you to choose before you graduate but there a whole lot things that need to be improved like the school lunch etc.
Columbia Heights Education Campus is a very diverse school. They offer an abundance of various programs like dance, band, culture clubs, etc. The food was not that great, but the acadamics is spot on and teachers show compassion.
The school are really nice and also the teachers they are really helpful and really convincing. I really like this school because during senior year they help you to apply on colleges and help you to get scholarships. they've helped me to get into college and helped me to get scholarship. This school also have AP classes which help you for college credits.
I like that Columbia Heights Educational Campus has a lot of AP classes to offer to their students and how everybody is welcome to take them. I would only like for there to be more diversity.
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What I like about Columbia Heights is the variety of AP classes offered and the help from the teachers in order to pass the AP test to get college ready. Plus they have a huge support system to help you with your college process.
I graduated from Columbia Heights EC in 2016. I would say I don't regret attending this HS because I learned a lot and it prepared me quite well for college. The majority of faculty are pretty nice to the students and are always up to help anyone. I played for the Varsity Soccer team and achieved 2 championships with them. Overall, my experience at Columbia Heights EC has helped me move on to the real world.
It’s excellent academically and in ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to succeed. They offer several AP courses with all of the possible resources available.
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