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Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School Reviews

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I am in 7th grade and I have been at columbia since i was in kindergarten, and I have never looked back. I have never thought about changing schools because there is such a loving community and everyone loves each other.
Columbia Prep is an amazing school. My time there is a very distinguishable life experience. I think specifically as a person of color, while I could have gone without certain negative experience, it was a very positive time to learn about affirming your identity in a place where the racial breakdown is reflective of the world. I think everyone who has a chance should definitely experience this wonderful place and all of it's resources.
I definitely learned a lot going here, and I really appreciate the well-roundedness and poise that I gained from a private school experience. That being said, they do not fire bad teachers, so watch out if you get one, they're not very easy on grades, and the people that there tend to be somewhat superficial. I was able to find great friends and enjoy almost all of my years there though.
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Columbia is a community where each person can find their niche and learn to develop their own skills. It allows students to receive a strong and well-rounded academic and social education.
Overall, the school provided me with the tools and resources to grow as a student and as a person. The various clubs and student groups offered my a place to make new friends and find my voice in my school community. Meanwhile The academic classes challenged me to thing critically and to and look at subject matter through multiple lenses. Although, it is worth noting, Columbia Prep doesn't seek to create a certain type of student or person. The institution simply provides of with the proper guidance to reach our full potential both inside and outside the classroom.
What I love about my school is that it is extremely inclusive and supportive. I have built close bonds with both my teachers and my peers over the 13-year period of my attendance at CGPS.
CGPS has been excellent for all my kids. What makes the school so special is the sense of community. I know of no other school in NYC with a parent body that is as close and involved in the school - and I have friends with kids at everyone you can name. The environment is nurturing. The kids feel that sense of community and CGPS families interact all the time - after school activities, vacations, play dates, etc. The school encourages parents to come in the classrooms at the younger ages, so in part, the parents get to know each other. There are more parent activities (MNO/DNO) than most schools and parents are super involved. That is one of the differentiating factors.
My years at Columbia Prep have been amazing. I have grown on so many levels and was able to connect with real teachers, faculty, and students. I feel prepared for college and life in a way. However, this is coming from someone who has not spent their entire lives in the private school bubble. I think most lifers and transfers from another local UWS or UES private school may not be as ready for the real world as I am. I mean what do you expect in a system with the children of the NYC elite. Diversity is something that varies year to year. One class may be extremely diverse then the next has one student of color. But the admissions team works diligently to bring in the diversity and do the best they can. Sometimes it's not enough, and others it's perfect. There's a new headmaster next year so maybe things can change in those aspects. The community is amazing and the teachers really make the school what it is.
Everything is safe at this school. There is not many problems that occur. If anything they are usually small and simple.
You can do literally whatever you want.
It was a great school that challenged me academically. The teachers put their time into the students and did not complain about it. They wanted to see us succeed
The teaches are devoted to the students as much as they can possibly be. They help max the students potential to the most it can be.
Pretty good wish food, athletics and some teachers were better
Some are awesome while others suck.
I've been attending Columbia since kindergarten, so it is all I know. That being said, I may be slightly biassed towards it. All the staff and my fellow students have made me feel at home throughout my 11 years. What is great about the school is that you are constantly in a position to try new things. The school supports you in all of your endeavors and facilitates you to become the most well rounded version of yourself. Although my parents made the decision for me as I was entering kindergarten, I cannot picture myself anywhere else and did not even think about applying out before my freshman year.
Because of the capital campaign, all facilities are brand new or in great shape.
Never had negtive encounter. The school is always very open to ideas and questions on how to improve. They welcome parent feedback on everything.
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In our 4 years at the school we could not be more happy. We have somewhat challenging commute but we are happy to make it every day because of the quality of the education, the families and the Faculty. Dr. Soghoian has been the head master for 34 years and he still is always very welcoming of thoughts and ideas for improving the school. He never rests on repuation.
Colombia prides itself on recruiting the best young teachers in NYC. They spend a great deal of time being trained in the Columbia way but also encouraged to develop their own styles and to make sure other educators are aware so things that are working well can be used by other teachers.
Always concerned with safety. They are constantly evaluating and making changes to procedure. Currently they are changing the identification process for how parents/care givers can enter school property.
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