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I am a junior at Columbia Falls High School. I participate in all different kinds of activities that include sports such as soccer and track, choir, wood shop, student council, and conservation crew. I take pride in saying that our schools sports and extra curricular activities are amazing. However I do wish that our councilors and faculty were a little better about college scholarships and awareness.
This school is very reflective of average, low class, rural America. As someone who has big dreams and goals, I was frustrated often with the lack of educational opportunities. There are 2 or 3 teachers who are great at their job and helped make up for this, but other than those rare individuals there is nothing I miss.
The things I like about Columbia Falls High School are that the school isn't gigantic and my school has a lot of pride. To specify, CFHS is a single A school so the classes are small which has allowed me to develop relationships with all my teachers. Also, the pride my school has is the good kind. At pep assemblies our principle is a prime example of what it means to be a wildcat, which is our mascot.
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This school goes above and beyond to help kids succeed in life! I can honestly say I feel incredibly prepared for life in college and after highschool. They make sure we know what resources we have and help us achieve our goals.
Columbia Falls High School is a great school to go to. The teachers truly care about you and your education, and will always be there to help you with your personal problems. The whole school is very active, and everyone connects well. The only thing I would like to see changed is making the general classes more rigorous. I tried the general classes for a year, and it was a drag. The teacher ended up babysitting us rather than teaching us. I have since taken AP classes, and my education has been greatly improved.
I overall like the school very much. They pride themselves over being gang free and I like that I can feel like school is a safe place for me to go. There are "clicks" however that can make the experience tough if you can't seem to find a place to fit into.
I would like to see is the teachers priorities to change in such a way that I feel like I want to learn something. Rather than focusing on the academic side of things, I feel like the school is rather more oppressive when they enforce or try to enforce some of their outdated and irrelevant policies.
Overall I have liked my experience thus far attending Columbia Falls High School. The classes offered have done a decent job preparing me for the real world, and classes were provided that I really enjoyed but were still useful, such as Statistics and Computer Programming. The main thing that I would say that I dislike bout my school is that often a focus seems to be put more on sports and activities rather than academics, which is ultimately more important for most students futures.
The environment at Columbia Falls High School is not overall appealing. Individuals have to dig deep to find exciting extracurricular activities. The majority of the students are not involved in any activities what-so-ever, however, there is a number of students who work to make school a second home for other kids. Overall, my experience with Columbia Falls High School has not been horrible, but it could also be greatly improved with more effort from administration and peers.
I enjoy the sense of community one feels when attending CFHS. Not only that, but the school pride and charisma is overwhelming, and absolutely envigorating. At CFHS we bleed blue, we are prideful of our school and our community. One thing I would like changed, however, is the lack of willingness to help students from the counselors office. Often they are unhelpful and set in their ways.
I really enjoyed all of the amazing clubs and sports at Columbia Falls High School. The AP classes were very good too. I think that this school does a great job of preparing students for college in most aspects. I believe that the importance of scholarships and deadlines should be brought up more in our freshman year to really make the students understand.
Columbia Falls High School is a community oriented environment that urges children to involve themselves. However, there is a large bias among the school which has tendency to leave children feeling as outcast due to ones social or political belief.
I like how my school is a relatively small school, that means you can know everyone and develop relationships with lots of your peers and teachers. The problem with Columbia Falls High School is that it is too focused on sports, so the academic aspects of school are kind of left as second.
I loved going to school here! I want my kids to be Wildc/kats like I am. The teachers at this school get personally invested in who you are and where you are going. It doesn't matter if you are someone that is not very sociable or the other way around. This is school has excellent Wildcat pride and community as well as major sports programs for a small school. If you play soccer this is the place you want to if you want to work hard and achieve more than what you've been given so far.
I love most things about my school. It's a trade off...either you can have variety and lots of options, or give some of that up for a smaller school, less students, and more personal connections with staff and administration. If I had to pick one thing that my school excels at, it would be funding sports. If I had to decide the main thing we're lacking, I'd say capacity for change.
Small school with a lot of opportunities, teachers and staff are all amazing at what they do, students are respectful of their surroundings
Feels like your standard small town, High School experience. I have always enjoyed it here even if our facilities are not the best.
I like Columbia Falls High school you can join many clubs and classes to help you succeed in the future. The reason why this school has four stars instead of five is because the tutoring system doesn't help students study it only gives them answers on tests and its kind of a cheat way for athletes.
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I loved the size of the school. It was large enough that we, as students, had many opportunities to join in varied extracurriculars that suit our personalities. It was also small enough that you knew almost all of your graduating class and it was easy to receive one on one help from teachers. It did have a large focus on sports but our school also boasts impressive academic standings. Though we live in very "white" community, we as a school are 100% open and accepting of all diversity that comes our way. We are one of the most "out" schools in our valley. Meaning we have the largest population of LGBT+ students that currently embrace their sexuality without fear of having to hide. We have an outstanding Speech and Debate team, which has won State 12 years in a row. The teachers are friendly and welcoming and make an honest effort to get to know the kids.
My experience attending Columbia Falls Highschool was great. They prepared me for college. However, this school needs to do a better job in the math department. I am struggling with calculus in college.
Columbia Falls is working to be more accepting and work on their graduation statistics in which they do good.
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