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Columbia Crest A-STEM Academy Reviews

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Amazing school!!! The new principal is doing an excellent job improving every aspect! I can't wait for my own kids to attend.
There isn't a full time principle at the school. This poses some problems for disciplinary actions. The teachers and the office person do a great job dealing with most of the disciplinary action.
There aren't many counselors or tutors. The teachers often act as the counselors and middle or high school students are often available as tutors if kids need it.
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Though of course I believe I got the best years of this school, I know that it is still wonderful. I take with me lessons that those teachers gave me when I was a little kid. Now as a college student they still remember me and give advice. I felt I got a great education from that school. For many kids it is a safe place away from troubled families and hard outside lives.
Though the teachers have changed a bit since I was there, all of the teachers are wonderful. Everyone was so good at working with the kids, talking to them, and understanding what they need. They also were able to teach enthusiastically and we knew what they were teaching.
It is a small conservative town. There was very little diversity when I was there and still isn't much 10 years later. There can be lots of stereotypes, racist pressures, bullying, and acceptance challenges. No one is born racist but many of the kids families enable the ideas of stereotyping. Being of color I understand how hard it is to be a minority, but the school does very well at trying to educate these kids about culture and diversity.
As an elementary school some of these facilities aren't necessary. We have a fantastic gym for the kids but most of the equipment isn't supplied by the school, the teachers or others donate them so that the students may have things to play with. The school has a beautiful field to play in and is used for soccer, baseball, football, tag, and many other things. We have indoor and out door basket ball hoops which are often used, and a large playground for the students.
Columbia Crest is a very small school with even less funding. There is a bus that takes them to the larger schools for sports but the teachers try to make sure there are some activities. There is an art club for some of the kids, and an academic club for other kids. Another problem is that many of the parents don't encourage education or extracurricular activity so the school doesn't get the outside support needed.
Our school if very small and very remote. We were about 5 miles away from the nearest fire station, and a half hour away from the nearest small medical clinic. Because the school was so small, large scale security wasn't and still isn't necessary. Most of the teachers can name each individual student by first and last name as well as most of the students. We had no need for high security but many of the teachers were trained to deal with some violence, medical issues, and children with special needs.
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