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Columbia County Education Campus is a small school where you can connect with not just the students, but all of the staff. They make sure you feel safe and comfortable in the environment they provide. The staff work their hardest to ensure you get all the resources and information that you need to succeed in not just school life, but in life after high school. Their Discovery program teaches you how to properly function when you graduate and move into the next steps of your life. I would recommend this school to anyone and will always give it five stars.
I'm in the W.E.T. Program; there isn't anything outside that is left to chance. The teachers are professionals of the course.
I tutor classmates that need math help.
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A small group of students attend this school because of the problems they have had at the St. Helens High School. Between their families income, education, and mental health issues, it is hard to measure what makes people the way they are but there is a need for a structured school in the town of St. Helens. Most of these kids have been bullied and a few are the bulliers. Your personal safety is not really a factor because this school is located behind the St. Helens School District's Administrative Offices and behind a fence; I area is very safe. There are truant officers that come if called because their main office is at St. Helens High School where the majority of the students are. There is a middle school on this campus and the school nurse I believe comes over from there. The only problem that I can see is that the county is poor and the schools themselves are very old or ran from trailerhouses.
I am not really sure what goes on after school because I only went part of the day. What I did attend at night was required for all graduates.
This school is within walking distance of my home and I liked to walk first thing in the morning. I graduated early for a job in the Grand Canyon; this is where I want to have a job in water and environmental tech. This school helped me reach my goal to graduate 3 months early.
I think every student has a favorite teacher and I also had one at this school.
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