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Teachers there were very helpful and most were happy to be there. However, I have experienced that a few teachers do not teach and allow their students to run the classroom. I still had a fun time there while still learning the course content well enough to be an AP student. The school facilities should no longer be lacking with the building of the new high school there and the relationship between ETA and the main high school may not be so fractured due to this.
Columbia City high school is an alright school. It’s not that diverse, and you can easily be bullied if your different from everyone else. If you are from the LGBTQ community and “out” some other students threaten to harm you. You can also be bullied for being an atheist. We’re that that diverse, it lacks ethnic diversity being that we are mostly in agricultural community. The teachers are very supportive, and helpful when it comes to classes.
I go to Eagle tech academy which is a part of the main high school. I have some classes at the main high school and the environment there is just completely different then what it is like at ETA. There is less of a sense of community between the students. A lot of the way the teachers teach is outdated. Both with the material and how the teach. The facility is falling apart at this point but thankfully they are building a new school. I think that at the main campus high school they need to figure out how to have a better environment for the student body.
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The main high school is garbage, it is full of druggies and the people don't do anything about it. The teachers don't care and give out A's like candy on Halloween. People literally don't put in any effort and get A's in the class, this school is broken. Literally there are only like 5 colored people in this school. The school is full of racists, druggies, and rednecks. The school fully funds the football team who never win any trophies, yet they don't fund showchoir and the musical at all and the show choir gets first place and goes to state. All of that is only the surface of Columbia City High school. If you want to get a good education then go to ETA because it is the exact opposite of Columbia City High School.
In my opinion, many of the teachers were biased toward favorites, and this made it harder to learn and ask questions.
This school system is awesome. They are currently building a new high school that we are not going to be able to attend but it’s so great that this school system is growing. They treat my daughter with respect and encouragement every day!
I enjoy the school corporation I attend because of the involvement of the teachers. The teachers care and put in a lot of effort to be in our lives and to give us the best high school experience possible.
My experience with Columbia City High school has been pretty good, overall the teachers are nice to the kids here and it's a good average school.
Columbia City High School is a nice high school and I have enjoyed my experience there. There is a lot of room for improvement, but overall fine. It is very much the high school of a small town with small town values and it shows. While the academics or activities are not the greatest, everyone is a part of the community and is there to be a part of the community and better it.
The condition of the school currently isn't at the highest standard. Thankfully, the town is building a new high school. A majority of the staff cares deeply about their students and hopes for their success. Since it's a small school, the teachers can create a one-on-one relationship and actually have the ability to know their students.
I go to the tech school program, and I think it is the best school ever. Going there has helped me grow as a person and helped me do better in speeches and public speaking.
I couldn't imagine having to attend a different high school. CCHS never fails to do what's best for their students. The staff is beyond amazing at what they do, everyone is always doing the best they can to help you where you need it the most. The counselors go above and beyond to answer any questions you may have about life, college, or careers. Teachers are always available for a while after/before school to help with homework or to explain things that just aren't clicking.
Now, the staff isn't the only great thing about this school. There is a place for every student at Columbia City High School; whether it be a sport, club, extracurricular, or class, everyone here seems to have a place that they love.
I like that they help prepare us for college. I also like the teachers there. I would like to see the amount of fights and drama decrease.
I really have had a great experience with my high school. The only issue I have ever had would be how the arts are neglected. Our auditorium is falling apart. There’s broken chairs. There’s an unsafe costum room. The stage needs repainted so it stops chipping. I know we are getting a new school and hopefully these won’t be issues but for right now they are. And then impact us greatly.
It was a very good environment. Many of the teachers new how to inspire and fuel students towards learning. Honestly, the sky is the limit depending on how devoted you are and what you want to take from your classes. The provide two learning styles, the traditional and project based learning. These two styles allow the school to cater towards students. One of the things the school lacks in an adequate facility. Which there are building now and should be built by next year.
I enjoy the teachers, and I am so excited about the new school! The old building is falling apart, the food is not the best but not bad. The teachers are all great, very safe community, but there are not enough parking spots.
I enjoyed the relationships I made, and the activities I was a part of. Although, there is little to no funding for the music and fine arts departments, and the atmosphere of my school is one that even the teachers don't want to be a part of. There is a laid-back disciplinary rulings, which make it enjoyable, but don't change my experience.
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The teachers and staff are truly amazing and have each students best interest in mind! However, the facility is old and rundown, with flooding and sometimes broken air conditioning. Thank gosh we get a new school, but unfortunately it doesn't have a pool, even though our swim team is the best athletics team we have....
The whole energy at Columbia City High School is just gloomy and not the greatest. The teachers do their jobs but they don't really interact with the students one on one. I would like to see a New Tech school replace the current Columbia City High school because the one to one helps students learn easier and quicker.
I came to Columbia City High School from another city with a much different atmosphere. The school is lacking in diversity in both the student population and the subjects taught. The foreign language program is disappointing coming from a school system where foreign language is prioritized higher than it is here. The building is old and falling apart, but everyone is pretty much used to it. The best parts of cchs are the school spirit among students and the amazing teachers that you can find.
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