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This school is very small; you will have a close relationship with all of your teachers and classmates. I wish that more ap classes were offered.
I teach at Columbia Christian and my grandkids attend as well. I love the focus on Godly living as well as letting the Bible guide your way. The teachers are caring and are very close to the children. The principal is very supportive and listens to his teachers! Curriculum is great, with lots of hands on experiences!
I have been attending CCS for the entirety of my high school career. When I first transferred from the public school, I immediately noticed the lack of diversity among the students and that everyone seemed to enjoy staying in their own bubbles with their friends. Despite this, everyone was mostly kind toward me coming here and I made quite a few friends right off the bat. The facilities here are way cleaner than at the public school, and the education that I received was top notch! In my senior year I was able to go ahead and even take some college classes in order to get a step up in my college career.
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Great school with a great christian foundation! Lots of college credit available! Solid teachers! School is fully accredited!
Great Christian environment! The teachers take their time on every student to make sure they are prepared for college. There is always room to make things better but when those thing are changed this school will amazing thing. I am so glad that I got to be a part of, it was one of the best decisions my parents ever made.
Very cliquish. A lot of the students are hypocritical. Sports are a lot of the focus at this school. Cafeteria food is excellent. Teachers genuinely care about students for the most part. The dual enrollment is nice.
I've had a pretty good experience overall here, I do wish the curriculum was better than what it is though. If i had to do it all over again I'm not sure if I would come back or not because on one hand I would have a better education elsewhere but on the other hand I and more closer to my friends and closer to God than ever before. So it would be a hard decision to make but I think I would come back and do the same thing again because I love the point to where God has brought me and this school has helped a lot.
Other than the intensive studying, the school is pretty great. The social aspect, though, is horrible. Every one LOVES to gossip.
The food is way better than the average public school. There is flavor in the food we eat. It is actually pretty good. The desserts are pretty delicious.
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