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I liked Columbia Academy very much. I started in first grade and graduated in 2018. They offer many clubs and sports. I graduated with honors.
Columbia Academy from the outside seems like a fantastic school well it’s not. They don’t hire well educated teachers. We had a teacher who hated being there more than we did, I literally learned nothing in this class because he was so miserable it rubbed off on all of the students in the room. The cafeteria food is awful for you, it’s all fried food and soft drinks. The biggest thing to me I think was the schools lack of interest in any extra curricular activities besides football, baseball, and basketball. I honestly hated my experience at CA, because of bullying too. I was called fat, told I shouldn’t wear shorts, and all around not included in anything at CA. I saw another review that mentioned trashy people going to school at CA, well what CA sees as trashy is honestly people who don’t have a lot of money. Go to CA if you think you’ll be a part of the “popular clique” they loved it, I on the other hand am happy just to be out.
I have had a great experience at my school. It has been a small school, however, I am from a a small community. So, it has been a great fit for me. I have enjoyed the family environment most. It could use a better variety of classes offered in upper grades.
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Columbia Academy has a very close family of students. The students work hard, study together, and support each other. The teachers are helpful and supportive. The administration is very caring. The parents are very involved and always willing to step up when needed. I have friends at other schools, but my closest friends are the ones I share a classroom with. We have grown up together. Everyone knows everyone else. The students feel safe and at home. We stand together to help when a fellow classmate needs something. The attitude of all students is positive. It is a great place to go to school.
I attended CA throughout my entire 12 years. We were a small school and acted as a close knit family. Great emphasis was put on sports which served the guys better than the girls during my years there. There is more girls sports now. Even these athletes were expected to maintain at least a C average which shows the academics excellence expended from each student. Though all students didn't attend college, they were given a well rounded education that served them well in life. Many alums also send their children to attend there, furthering the close knit family atmosphere.
Our school is okay as far as academics goes. The only classes that are beneficial and challenging to me are math and English. The other addes are pointless and the teachers don't know what they're doing.
Our school doesn't really have any problems like these. We don't have a school nurse because we don't really need one. If someone gets sick they just go home. We do have some trashy people at this school so pregnancy and drugs have happened before.
This school really doesn't have much discipline problems. When people get in trouble it's usually not for Anything serious. Most if the time people are sent to the office for talking or being disrespectful. I've hardly seen any fights
The school doesn't have very many clubs. It had Key Club, Deca, Mu Alpha Theta, and National Honor Society. That's about it, but those clubs are of a high caliber
This school has a pretty good atmosphere compared to the other schools I've been to. A lot if the teachers are fairly average, but a few of the teachers really made an impression on me and were very helpful to me throughout my high school career.
This school puts a lot of importance in athletics. They put a lot more than they need to. None of the other activities matter compared to football or baseball. Most everyone here would even put athletics above academics.
Most of the food served at this school is fried. They serve the same things everyday and their is little to no variety. The only good you will find here is chicken tenders, fries, hamburgers, and soft drinks.
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