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Colts Neck High school was a great high school and definitely one of the best in the district. the academics at Colts Neck are great and many of the teachers are dedicated to their students success. Plus CNHS has air conditioning! The school could work on how much support the arts get, most funding goes towards a football team that is not very good :(
The students aren’t very friendly. Some teachers are terrible, and you get stuck with them. Some teachers take it out on the kids when a parent emails them with questions or asks for help. This makes it hard for you to help your child with homework or studying.

Academically it’s very challenging and the school is beautiful. The guidance counselors are excellent. The principal is great.
The experience was quite exceptional. I was able to make new friends even though I transferred in during my junior year. The faculty was quite kind and welcoming and the students were as well. The academics prepared me for college l, putting me ahead as the teachers prepared me enough for me to place out of calculus one as well as physics one. Lunch was chaotic, I believe if they implemented two separated lunches, the experience may have been lighter on the staff at food service. Find a place to sit was difficult, especially for people who are not acclimated with the their classmates. The lunch lines were also quite long, taking up to twenty minutes of our designated lunch time. Sports are quite exhilarating as being part of a team, and dedicated to winning introduces an intimate relationship among students participating in sports.
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I thought Colts Neck high school was a great school. When I first attended, I recently moved from northern New Jersey, so I was on a completely fresh start. I knew not one person at all. I met friends quickly because everyone there is really nice but I jumped around friend groups until I hit senior year, that's when I found a good group of friends for myself. Overall, Colts Neck is an amazing school, and I would never regret moving there.
Provided a good high school education and a decent selection of AP classes in order to push yourself as a student. But high school is high school, no matter where you go.
If your child is a minority, I recommend you send them elsewhere. ESL students are constantly being accused of partaking in illegal activities by students. Little repercussion towards students who make threats or say racist slurs. There is a huge drug scene with Marijuana, Xanax, Adderall, and acid being common drugs of choice. Academics are very good. Teachers who are not tenured are seen as disposable and some who are are seen as angels despite serious allegations towards a few. This school is due for serious reform including an attempt to remove de facto segregation. Disadvantaged students at this school fall far behind other students in the state.
The thing I like the most about this school is the people. Even though Colts Neck is known to be a rich town, the students are humble and create a sense of family; the students never fail to be there for each other during tough times. The teachers are impactful and provide students with an outlet to talk; they really do care and, the majority of the time, CNHS picks the most amazing ones out there. I'm proud to be called a cougar, not only due to my school's stellar academics, but also due to its familial aspect.
It is a great school. Most of the teachers are very good. It offers many high level classes. It is very safe. The Law and Public Service and Navy Junior ROTC programs and English Second Language programs all add the the school's diversity. There are also a wide variety of clubs and sports offered.
Small school and small classes, the district is well funded, offering special programs in ROTC& Law and Public Safety, amazing individualized sports programs, lots of opportunities for students to excel by taking advanced placement coursework, excellent staff and overall nice kids. Kids who do not place high in mathematics and other classes have room for advancement by taking summer coursework and or additional support classes. Beautiful campus is a gorgeous town and plenty of opportunity for extracurricular activities.
Colts Neck isn't anything of a crazy school. It's straightforward, blunt, and gets what it needs to be done. It has an outstanding amount of sports, clubs, and programs, and provides plenty of opportunity for people to be involved. There is a very small amount of racially different groups, but there is never any instances of racism, outbursts, bullying, or any unnecessary violence or hatred. Colts Neck isn't bad, but it's pretty standard and gets the job done.
Colts Neck High School is an amazing High School that has outstanding teachers pushing kids to prepare them for college. Everyone in the school is kind, caring, and always understanding. The place felt like home the second I walked in.
Good school. I live in Howell Township, but I was districted to CNHS. I expected to be a kid that wasn't invited because I lived in Howell. That was not the case though. All the students and teachers here for the most part are very nice and caring. I'm reaching the end of my senior year currently and it has been a good time throughout the four years learning here. I made a lot of friends, both peers and teachers combined.
I am a senior at Colts Neck High School and I could not be happier where I am today. Colts Neck has shaped me into the person who I am today and I am super grateful! There is an amazing staff that helps you along every step of the way. the teachers always go out of their way to make sure you understand a topic because they want you to exceed in life. Also, I would not have been able to apply to any colleges if it wasn't for my guidance counselor, Mrs. VanDeVusse. She helps me with everything I need about college and she has helped me achieve my life long goal of being accepted into Louisiana State University. I will be starting in the fall of 2019. I am also involved in the NJROTC program at the school and that program is the best program out there! It teaches you leadership skills and you make so many friends through the process and I cannot imagine my life without any of the people I met throughout my journey.
Staff is very supportive of students and encourages students to reach their potential! There are so many opportunities to be Involved in clubs and sports. Teachers are always available for enrichment and extra help.
Like many, I figured the transition from middle school to high school with completely different people would be a struggle. However, my peers and the staff themselve have all been very welcoming since I got here my freshmen year. I’m now a junior and I can’t phathom to think about leaving next year. The memories I have made here so far at Colts Neck High School are just unforgettable.
Colts Neck High School excels in most aspects regarding academics, school spirit, security, teachers, and clubs. Today, we wear Cougar Pride apparel to prove our loyalty and school spirit. We have various clubs from Free the Children which raises money for impoverished towns in 3rd world countries to Girls Who Code which inspired young women to join the computer science field. There are clubs for different professions such as DECA, JSA, and Book Club. Our security is top notch in that Officer McNamara, former Navy Seal, roams the building. Knowing someone like that is protecting our schools gives us all a sense of security. Always cheering her students on, Ms. Biddulph, our Latin teacher, always attends competitions in hopes to raise student morale. There are many teachers like her who care about their jobs. Teachers such as Mr. Phillips and Mrs. Manos are insightful and knowledgeable in their fields. This allows for a rigorous curriculum that fosters college readiness.
I was not overly impressed with the upper level/honors teachers. A few were excellent, several were not. Teachers have expectations of their students, but students and parents have expectations of their teachers as well, especially at the higher levels, and those expectations were not always met.
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The environment of Colts Neck High School is extremely unique. Most of the people there are extremely accepting of everyone, even when their political opinions are extremely contradicting. One thing I would like to see change in this school is the amount of school spirit instilled in the student, and in order to do this, I'd suggest restarting Friday Night Lights, and allowing more student planned events to take place in and out of school. Another change I would make would be directed towards the teachers to also get more involved with the school and its events, as well as developing better relations with the students rather.
I was enrolled in the LPS program, was very rewarding except our senior year was the first year the internship program was implemented and we were essentially the guinea pigs working out the kinks of the program as we went along.
The academics at Colts Neck are top notch, and teachers put a lot of effort into their classes. The food is ok, but lunch service has gotten worse with block scheduling this year. Colts Neck is one of the only schools in the area without a turf field, and it is difficult to play games in rainy weather as the grass cannot withstand a substantial amount of rain. Most students don't attend sporting events, with the exception of state tournament games. All in all a good school, but could use some work to improve facilities for students.
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