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Colton-Pierrepont Central School Reviews

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They are the best. Smart, friendly, engaging in class. They gave me knowledge applicable to the real world. They all deserve a raise. Or at least a bonus
Average government supplied school food. Not much to say
While I was a student there they built a brand new gym and band room. Both were exceptional. We also received a variety of technology upgrades which were grade in the science departments and in "shop" class. I didn't ride the bus much but from what I remember the drivers were friendly.
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I was offered a variety of A.P. courses to prepare me for college which I took advantage of. It was a lot of work but it was most certainly manageable. It made me a better student and helped me with my future. The teachers were amazing and very helpful. And the special classes like Holocaust or Close up were wonderful opportunities for kids to go to Washington D.C. as part of there curriculum. I took Close Up and it was a once in a lifetime experience.
My class size was about 20-18. I received a very personal educational experience and I couldn't imagine trying to learn any other way. The teachers were great and really got to know their students. For me, my history teacher was also my basketball, soccer and lacrosse coach which allowed me to really get to know him. I was not just another student to anybody there. The incredibly small student body allowed everybody to know everybody and as far as I could tell, or at least in my class, there were no cliques or schisms. Everybody hung out together. Colton is just an all around great place to attend.
I had a lot of fun playing sports at Colton! We hardly one but it was a great experience. A lot of the same kids played all three sports which was good because it really built on the team concept and we all knew how each other played. School spirit was awesome, especially my senior year. I would not have wanted to play sports for any other school. The coaches there are the best around. I could not think of anyone else I would have wanted to play for.
The administration here when I attended was not very professional. I recall stories of staff belittling students and I've seen it first hand. Nothing happened to me personally but the image of the administration was not a sharp one among the students and parents.
I joined the military right after high school. However the courses I took in HS also prepared me for college that I am attending right now. The teachers had a lasting impact on my education.
Sports were a lot of fun and the coaches really help to create prominent citizens
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