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Colorado Virtual Academy (Cova) Reviews

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COVA provides flexible hours that allow you to do school on your own time. Their teachers are very responsive and always willing to help. While their teachers are great, it is often hard to contact administrative workers with additional questions. You also have limited guidance when it comes to paths after high school.n
The administrators and staff do not return emails or calls, which is important with online education.
Colorado Virtual Academy is an excellent school, they are focused on us. And are willing to sit down and help us learn the material and improve.
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Overall it is an ok online school. The staff is nice but is not very helpful at times, especially when there are technological difficulties. Academically i would say it is average but has very little help for seniors applying to college.
During my junior and senior year of highschool, I wanted to take up a job and start saving money. I knew that I couldn't save up quite a lot going to normal school, and quite frankly, I get bored of normal highschool quickly because of how slow paced it is. I took up online school, and got a job at a local Taco Bell. This school is work at your own pace, although you do have an ultimate deadline for the semester. I enjoy this school very much. I get to work about 28 hours a week or so, and do school when I have time for it. I enjoy this school a lot, and I find it relatively easy. No textbooks, everything is online. I think it is a great program.
I decided to come to COVA because it was my senior year, and I had recently moved across the US to live with my dad in Colorado. I did not want to be the new kid my senior year. COVA has been a good experience. My teachers reply quickly and they are usually always available to help you. I would like to see more of a structured environment. I think it would be more beneficial if all the students stayed around the same pace.
COVA is overall, a great school. Some of the teachers can be very slow about replying to emails. However, the ability to be able to learn at your own pace is worth it. The curriculum is pretty challenging and doesn't hold your hand by any means.

However, I highly recommend participating in field trips and clubs as a chance to meet up with other students.
Overall, I would say I enjoyed my time at COVA. It was my first year attending an online school, and I found that it was very easy to get into the swing of things here. The teachers were always reaching out to help and keep parents updated on the courses, as well as provide ways to help boost grades. They would also set aside time everyday for online lessons or tutor time which made it feel more like a natural school environment.
Seems to be mostly a waste of resources. I was enrolled here during high school in order to receive funding for my home school education. You're required to come to the school once a week to take classes that don't have homework or relate to your own studies at all. Small facilities and hardly any other students. They do give you a tidy sum though, which is nice.
Cova is a great school. It allows students to work at their own pace and create their own schedules while keeping them on track for success. The engagement and self-management of the student is what truly determines the outcome of the student's education.
COVA was very good for me. My math teacher was very friendly and cooperative for anything such as tutor times or resetting old quizzes. COVA is online, so it can be taken just about anywhere anytime. The work is paced out and I can easily keep up with the weekly schedule. This only drawback is that discussion with peers is neither mandatory or usual. However, if you have your own friends elsewhere and you are looking for an online school, this might be it for you.
I like the tutor times
If you ask for help they are there.
I've loved every class and teachers really care.
Everyone is able to help with everything YOU ASK.
There are a variety of clubs to join from anime to sports to math to games. You can choose officers and everyone has a fun time.
So far my experience has been great. They care.
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The overall quality of the teaching is great, but sometimes it takes a long time to hear back from them
I love the curriculum, however, I wish I was allowed to take more challenging English courses. I'm currently taking the highest course a freshman can take and-except for the GUM aspect- it is not a challenge at all. Also, I wish that we could opt out of taking the required Leadership course. Other than that, I love the curriculum.
I really love COVA. If I still live in CO when I have kids I will want them to enroll in COVA
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