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I loved my time at this school because it is so small that the staff and students all become like a family. The teachers really care about every student succeeding and they provide endless opportunities to be a leader and be involved.
As a current student, the school is small and comfortable. The classes at the campus are small and it's easier to get one on on help. Furthermore, this school offers a chance to earn an associates. My only complaint would be the cafeteria. Because the school is small and all the students are present Friday, it's hard to eat lunch before the next period start. Overall, has amazing teachers and a supportive staff that will assist you with classes and college needs.
Colorado River Collegiate Academy provides students with a great education and an advantage in college experience. It is also very education focused. The school is well-organized, safe, and has very friendly teachers. Some more parent involvement and school activities would be a good addition.
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The Colorado River Collegiate Academy was ranked third place two times in a row for student college readiness. Here, I was taught how to be an excellent college student by taking my first college course during freshman year. Between taking high school and college courses at the same time, you learn how to prioritize and manage stress throughout the rigorous years. Senior year is the light at the tunnel. We are getting close to earning our high school diploma and associates degree at the same time. This is a school for anybody who is committed to hard-work and setting up your future the right way. The only way to get to the end is to never quit; no matter how hard it is.
This is only the 5th year of this high school existing. It is an early college high school which means that when an individual graduates, they will receive their Associates degree. They have to pass all their classes though.The student has to pass EDUC-1300 in order to go to Austin Community College. Sophomore and Junior year, he/she will be attending that community college twice a week. The other three days,will be at the high school. Senior year, he/she attends ACC 4 days a week. Each year, approximately about 60 students are accepted. So that tells you that we are a very small school. But that is a good thing because it is easier for the teacher to interact with the students. I once had a class that was only 4 students, including me. Everyone at this school is family. Only one down side is that the only sport we have is gym freshman year. But we do play sports after school.
We hace really good teachers. They stat after school Monday through Thursday to help us if we need help.
Amazing teachers. They are willing to work with you the whole time and want you to pass their class and do well in school and in the future. Great community to work in and it's almost like a family
I enjoyed the diversity and quality of opportunities afforded to the student body. The school staff was always helpful and would go out of their way to aid students with their classes. The school counselors were very helpful in providing students help with college and future academic planning.
What I like the most about the Colorado River Collegiate Academy is the codependency between students -- in order to truly succeed at this school, one must be willing to work with others and help each other out.
As a student at Colorado River Collegiate Academy, I found that getting help from your teachers and peers was the best way to succeed academically in that school. Your teachers here are always willing to help you, whether it be in your studies or in your personal life, making it easier to cope with the stress that often times comes from academics. Overall, this school is a great place to not only grow in knowledge, but to also grow as a person.
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