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Through my three years while at Colorado Preparatory Academy, I have encountered a plethora of teachers and courses that have enabled me to gain a more specialized education. While the courses are challenging and require diligent effort, they are both flexible and rewarding. Additionally, teachers strive to connect with students on a personal level. While the response times of teachers and the functionality of the online school is not always as efficient as promised, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. Overall, my experience at CPA has been one that I will remember for years to come.
The teachers were amazing and very helpful for an online program. I graduated early and they academic advisers guided me so I never felt lost or discouraged in the process.
I joined Colorado Preparatory Academy due to social anxiety and physical health complications. I was welcomed into the school with open arms, where I was able to overcome my social anxiety in order to help others in my classes. Despite being in the comfort of my own home, I still learned just as much, if not more, as I did in a brick and mortar school. The content is fast-paced and the teachers are almost always available to help assist their students. The software used for our Class Connects, BlackBoard, however, had many complications that prevented efficient work. One of my teachers struggled with it so much that more often than not our Class Connect didn't happen due to her being unable to join the session. I hope that Colorado Preparatory Academy has looked into these issues and are either working with BlackBoard to resolve them or potentially look into new software to further improve the educational purposes.
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I loved the structure of the course work and the ability to reach out to teachers through email and also setting up virtual classes to meet up with the teacher over a video call. I was not a fan of the attendance rules and policies in place. I felt that there should be a better way to record attendance that can be more accurate and fair.
After moving to Colorado last year, this school provided me with academic challenges that I have never faced before. The work was difficult, but I found that I retained so much more throughout the semesters. The communication could use some work, but the teachers are passionate about what they teach. I am excited to take my final year of high school with CPA.
Colorado Prep. Academy was fantastic at connecting with students and helping them out when needed. I think they can improve with making sure their some teachers are actually checking up on their students. I had a math teacher that wasn't too thrilled about checking up on me and didn't do it often.
This school and teachers prepared me for college. It wasn't always easy, but the teachers helped me through it. Most of the teachers were kind and willing to help when I had a problem. My homeroom teacher was helpful and called often to make sure that I was on track with all my classes. I was also able to do concurrent classes at my local community college. This helped me get credits for high school and get me started on college courses.
I like CPA because i was able to do my school at home while still have to structure of a brick and mortar school. It was flexible enough that if needed i could take a day off of school and not fall behind or miss anything but had enough structure that you learned time management and how to stick to deadlines.
I really enjoy being a student with Colorado Preparatory Academy (CPA). The teachers are very friendly and are willing to work with me. There are a lot of course options so there's something for everyone, as well as accelerated (honors, AP) courses. Some of the courses aren't too challenging, but others are, so it depends on what you choose to take. Though CPA is an online school, it often offers opportunities for students to meet face to face at specified locations. I've been really happy with my experience with CPA and there really isn't much I would change about it.
I absolutely love CPA. All of the characteristics below CPA represents and represents them well! Everything that is marked below they most defiantly present to their student! All of us succeed thanks to all the staff at CPA!
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