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I loved all of my years at Colorado High School. It is a wonderful place to go. One thing I would change is that there has been a recent drop off in the amount of students that are seen out in the community. It seems that there is a bit more pressure for students to worry about their work instead of getting out and getting experiences and forming relationships with people in the community.
Colorado High School is a great place to go to school. The education, extra-curricular activities, and rigorous college courses available are just a few of the best attributes of this Texas high school. The community and town are an ideal place to go to high school and begin your life path.
We are a very tight-knit family where nobody gets left behind and everyone cares for one another. The staff and teachers are always ready to help the students and are always willing to help parents understand their children's needs. Both of my siblings have graduated from this school and I will also be proud to say that I graduated from Colorado High School.
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There are so many amazing counselors and teachers that are willing to help you with whatever you need. I recommend attending Colorado High School.
Overall, I enjoyed my time at Colorado High School. I love my teachers, and they truly care about my success and well-being. The cafeteria is not the best, but upperclassmen are able to go off campus for lunch! I'm glad I was able to attend and soon graduate from this school.
Great teachers and staff. They really try to help the students the best they can to prepare for college.
Colorado High School is a great school with a lot of potentials. Because it received a grant for dual-credit work, students have the opportunity to take anywhere from twelve college credit hours to a full Associate's degree. In addition, students that want to go the trade route have the opportunity to gain a certification in welding, auto mechanics, digital design, and CAD when they graduate. The only downside is that, as a small school, there aren't as many pathway options; however the school offers culinary arts, information technology, business, hospitality and tourism, health sciences, agriculture, and several technical fields.
I love my school because the teachers and staff are always interested in our education and helping us succeed. My principal also plays a big role in my education. If there is ever a time that I am struggling, he will do whatever it takes to make sure that I am able to accomplish whatever needs to be done.
There are a lot of teachers that leave each year and not many stay.
There has been a new school built
the school is good for a small town rural area.
It's good school. Everyone here is friendly
It has been the best experience.
I feel like there are more precautions that should be being taken. More random drug tests should be done. If someone is found to be on drugs, their parents are usually called and that is it.
We are pretty good, but not any better than your average school.
You can tell that some of the teachers could care less if you actually learn the materials or not. They are just here to get a paycheck.
Students seem to get along well and there isn't much bullying or harassing that goes on.
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There are many improvements that could be made in order to benefit the school.
There is not much regulation of the rules that goes on. Students usually get away with most things.
Some are better than others. It just depends on what students are active in the club or organizations and how much effort they intend to put in.
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