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It's alright. The education is pretty good if you get a good teacher but there are some problematic teachers. Administration is tough to deal with and the school isn't really good about communicating with parents or students. Student counsel has like 8 people in it and they aren't very good with money so school events are usually just a waste of time. The freshmen are absolutely horrid and none of the staff can control them. You aren't allowed off campus until you are 16 but then if you want to study on campus there is one tiny room to do so, and sometime's there's classes in it. Socially it's okay if you find a good group but a lot of kids are socially inept and just annoy everyone else. Overall the education is good but other than that it's just okay.
My experience at CECP has been great! The school employs great teachers who put their students first. If students struggle with certain concepts, there are many opportunities and resources to help the students improve their understanding. I enjoyed the learning experience at CECP and would encourage it to anyone considering attending.
Colorado Early Colleges Parker is a great opportunity to get an associates degree early, and gain two years of college. Students can select classes that they need, depending on the degree they want to get, and they don't have to waste their time with unnecessary elective classes, unless they choose to do so. The faculty and staff members get the job done, but some teachers have interesting ways of teaching. They either wear their students down too much (in some college courses) and don't oblige students that aren't learning properly, from the teacher's teaching style.
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It was pretty okay. Other than having free college, it wasn't to great or too bad. There's no extracurricular or sports. The classes are very crowded and very immature due to underclassmen also being in the same classes as upperclassmen. There's a lack of a social anything and dances tend to be boring. Academically, it's amazing to get free college and EVERYONE should come here for that, but that alone. There's a huge problem with the administrators as they lack communication skills and that causes a lot of problems with graduating students trying to transfer to other colleges. This school also lacks diversity and has some issues with biased students.

If you're behind in school or ahead, this is a good school for you.

If you play sports, have a social life, live far away, have friends, want free time, work, have a family, and/or have anxiety this is not a good fit.
I absolutely love the opportunities I have at my school. The free college credits have put me further ahead than I could have ever imagined, and for that I am very thankful.
If I had to pick one thing I wish would improve, it would probably be communication with administration being better. It can be hard to contact administration via email or phone.
Otherwise, I love everything else about CEC Parker, including the student body community, the quality of education, the teachers, and the clubs/extracurricular activities. Go Lions!
While this school is considered rigorous, every staff and faculty member wants their students to succeed. The faculty is very nice and professional and strives to make students feel welcome. The student body is expanding, yet the plans to expand the campus are not progressing.
My experience at CEC has been tu Evers educational decision of my life. The staff is amazing and the overall environment feels less like a school and more like a family.
Overall, this is an excellent school. CECP allows it's students to enroll concurrently (free of charge) in order to reach goals more quickly when they are more adept in certain subjects and ready to move forward (regardless of age). They provide so many opportunities for those who otherwise would not be able to afford college and it truly is a life changing program and schooling experience.
Overall it was a great school. I loved the professors and the classes were engaging. When I entered my freshman year the school was only a year old so there were no athletics or fun school events, so I feel I missed out a bit. I wouldn't trade my experience there for the world though, as I was able to knock two years of college off my bachelor's degree and for that, I will be forever grateful.
Colorado Early Colleges is great because it allows high schoolers to take college classes while they are still in high school. Thanks to them, I will graduate high school with over 60 college credits!
This is the third high school my sister and I have attended. It is by far our favorite! The environment of the school is so positive and open. There is little worry about social disputes and altercations. I love that I can take college classes as well. We have recommended this school to many of my friends and they want to attend next semester! My only problem is that the school doesn't offer athletics.
If you want a school community that lets your college readiness grow, CEC is the place for you. The main advantage of this school is earning college credits for free before graduating high school. The harder you work at it, the more you can get out of the experience. However, to accomplish this the school has minimal clubs and almost zero sports involvement. If college is your priority, the school is top notch. This is not a typical high school environment and has different priorities.
I LOVE my school. Free college credit? Get my diploma faster? Choose my own academic path? I sound like an infomercial! The students here are all so great, the teachers are so supportive, and this place really is helping me be ready and accustomed to college life, not like a normal high school.
This school gave me a jumpstart on college and allowed me to start taking college courses at 16! I got three free years of college, which saved me a lot of money.
This is a great school with amazing opportunities. Being a student here myself, I find the opportunity to take college classes for free incredible. I have become ready for college and learned from a variety of classes. Although it lacks in sports and extracurricular clubs, CEC's focus on academics has aided in my student experience because it was not pushing academics back in the name of sports and other assembly type activities. The only downside to the lack of clubs is a lack of opportunities for extracurricular activities and leadership positions. It has an amazing community full of kind students and staff. I could not imagine a better school to go to if your main focus is on academics and getting a college degree early!
Colorado Early Colleges Parker is a great opportunity for high school students to get ahead in school and graduate with an associates degree before they are out of high school. However, be warned this is not an easy process, the student must be willing and strong enough to take difficult classes that will test your commitment and drive to do well. The advisers will help ensure that the the student will not be taking on to much but, if you want to get the most out of school career you will try and push your self to do the most you can while still doing the best you can. Overall my experience at CEC Parker has been an amazing experience that has helped me get ahead of the average high school student and to be able to avoid more student loans.
The program at this school is phenomenal. The fact that students can get their associates degree (for free) by the time they graduate is amazing and extremely helpful.
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I enjoy attending CECP. The teachers are great and the students are friendly. I definitely recommend attending this school if you have the option to.
I like the freedom that it presents me with, while other schools simply give you classes, CEC really lets you decide your future.
CECP was a huge blessing. I was able to get over 60 credits practically for free through this use of the public education system. Heading off to medical school, any amount of help financially is a huge benefit. The only negative I would say about this school in particular is that the organization, advising, and leadership could certainly be improved upon.
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