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I transferred from a local school to this one for health reasons. I had never taken online classes before then so perhaps it was due to the unfamiliarity that it's just average to me. The website also felt very scattered and unorganized.
For practice tests and reviews, I searched for help on some of the questions I had on the internet and I found that every test question I had was on the internet with the answers - almost like a cheat sheet. Unfortunately, I used some of these as the content was never described in the textbooks or in reviews, so I had no way of having the answers without them. Because of this, I feel as though I didn't really learn very much.
I often received emails for field trips and clubs, which I assume was the schools attempt at having the students connect with one another and the staff.
The best thing about Connections was the flexibility of schedule. I got to spend time with my family and cultivate my extracurricular interests without being super stressed. More interaction with teachers would've been nice.
It's a new take on learning with super helpful staff and teachers that always reach out. The classes and assignments can be done on your own time and teachers can virtually help you with one-on-one sessions.

The only negative thing is that this method is very self-disciplined. I'm not sure if they offer music or sports programs. So if your interested contact the school for further information!
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I love Colorado Connections Academy because I get the attention I need in order to succeed! The teachers and staff are very friendly and supportive! I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to enrich their learning!
What I liked about Colorado Connections Academy was that it helped my busy schedule with family life and society through flexibility via online school. However, online school itself was not satisfactory to my lifestyle as it was difficult to manage my mental health along with other problems in my life.
Colorado Connections Academy gave me the freedom to work with my schedule, take control of my education, and pursue what I wanted to. Teachers were mostly available and very eager to help.
it is a very good school the teacher truly do care about their students. They are some of the best teachers I have had ever. They give a you great ideas and plan out various things for there students.
My teachers care about my learning and want me to succeed. I am able to complete school work on a time that fits my schedule.
This school was the best choice I could have made! It’s makes things easy to understand and provides the right amount of resources to help you through your journey. Their high school transition program made it even better! I don’t regret choosing this program and wouldn’t change a thing about it!
I currently go to this school. The teachers are the best, and so is the staff. They have all the right tools, the school makes you feel important. I think that is important as a student. They also have your parents get involved, which is great, because in a regular school, some parents don't care that much. But, with this school, you're parents get to be involved. I love this school, and it has been the best choice for me.
I have been in and out of schools almost my whole life because a caregiver of mine was in the military so my education was really rocky for awhile until I found connections academy in 10th grade! It made me feel so confident that every time I moved I used Connections Academy, here I am on my last year of high school getting ready to graduate in May! The teachers and parents are very hands on with you education, the ONLY downside is that if your a social butterfly then Connections might be hard for you but this school helps with that by scheduling 20+ field trips for everyone to do in different areas of CO so even in that factor I am able to make friends whether far or close :)
I enjoyed my experience at CCA. I would have monthly updates with my home room teacher to make sure I on was on track. They really genuinely care about your success and future goals, they strive you to be the best you can be. Absolutely enjoyed it.
I really enjoyed attending Colorado Connections Academy. The flexible schedule was something I thought was very beneficial for me and the teachers would try their best to accomidate everyone that needed it. You eventually learn how to become more independent because of how the classes are set up.
Colorado Connections Academy was a very unique experience; I went to a public high school for my freshman and sophomore year and transferred to the virtual academy CCA provided when I was a Junior. Most if not all of my communications were done over the phone and I never had an unpleasant conversation - my teachers were very helpful and always happy to lend any aid I needed whether it be during a live lesson or if I were to reach out during school hours.

There were very many extracurricular activities provided and this was a surprise to me considering the campus was based online. Despite this fact, the school hosted a plethora of clubs and field trips for all grade levels that gave students a chance to mingle and interact, not only with each other but with their teachers as well.

My rating lacks one star only because as a student I personally felt the Knowledge Checks and Quizzes could have been replaced with more hands-on and mentally challenging projects.
It was super fun and I learned how to self motivate doing an online high school course takes a lot of self motivation without it taking these classes can be very difficult because it can cause you to fall fall behind fast and a lot.
If you have been home schooled before then I recommend it for you otherwise I would not recommend it to people who and been in a school
Colorado Connections Academy is a very flexible school that teaches all learning types. The staff is very open to new ways of teaching as well as keeping in very close contact with the students. My life turned a whole 180 degrees when I made the switch!
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CCA is an amazing experience all-around. You don't come to this school for the sports/lunch food. You come to free up your time so you're not stuck listening to other kids' questions you already know the answer to. There is NOTHING I have to complain about to this school. I've always had the resources I need to continue my learning when I get stuck. The teachers are fantastic!
Overall, this is a fantastic school. Most of the teachers are helpful and easy to get in contact with. They are always willing to help your student understand curriculum, and they stay very up to date on their hardware and lesson material.
Excellent online option for those seeking an alternative to the regular brick and mortar school experience.
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