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Colony Meadows Elementary School Reviews

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Terrible, the teachers don't listen at all to the children. My child suffered when they were there. When my child tried to talk to the teacher all they got was the teacher ignoring them or the teacher telling them to go away.
This is not a good school if you know what a good School is. The Student to teacher ratio in my son’s 1st grade classroom is 24:1 and in my daughter’s 2nd grade classroom is 21:1 so I am not sure where the 16:1 ratio is coming from. The teachers are overwhelmed and yelling at the children, I even got yelled at in the pick up lane by a teacher for not moving the car quickly enough. And then they brought the wrong children to my car and those kids had to inform the teacher that it wasn’t their car nor parent. I do not recommend this school.
Everyone said that Colony Meadows was one of the best elementary school in Houston area, I might have agree to the statement but quality compared to other states are still pretty bad. Teachers are a hit or miss. My son in first grade has a teacher that pretty much give them the answers in Math worksheet instead of teaching them. There is one good teacher in first grade there and if you didn't get her, you are pretty much stuck with below average teachers. Forth grade teacher, Ms Carter is pretty good though as she seems committed and offers good English materials.
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My younger sister used to go here. Her teachers would write an email everyday to my mom. However, the teacher themselves would not put much effort into helping the students. They weren't meant to be teachers.
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