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I've attended Colony High School since I was a freshman, and I really like it. The academics are great, with many opportunities to take higher-level classes.
Colony High is an amazing high school that will help you get to where you need to be. I have been involved in student government, leadership and basketball the last 4 years and I wouldn't trade it for anything! I'm a senior now and the last 4 years are everything you could think of for an awesome high school experience!
Overall my time there was well spent. They have a lot of Ap courses available but the are on a rotation so if you feel like you aren’t ready for a class junior year it won’t be available senior year. I would like to see more world ready classes such as buying a house and the process. They do have a personal finance class but I think it could be expanded and required. It should teach students how to do their own taxes
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It was good, best teachers in the state! Many after school activities, just wished the food was better.
I went to Colony High for my high school years and had an average high school experience. I really enjoyed all the teachers I had.
Teachers are great, class size is perfect. Best marching band in state. Best drama team in the Valley. Staff really cares about the students needs
I have loved attending Colony High School for the last four years. I have been very involved in sports and leadership activities at my school. Safety has never been an issue, and all my teachers have been so supportive of everything I have done. The only thing that I would change is to find a way to get our school spirit up to a different level.
Colony High School is a pretty good high school. It challenges you and has many opportunities to get involved. The staff and teachers are nice and helpful. I have learned a lot not just in the classroom, but outside them in the activities that I participate in. This school has a lot of activities and classes that are fun and have a lot to be learned from them.
What I like about Colony High School is that there's something for everybody. It's a very nice school with a great atmosphere with people always willing to help. With teachers and students alike it's a great school. My only reason for not giving it 5 stars is it's problem with budgeting. While this problem only affects a small portion of students, it's something I wish they thought about more. I only wish the school board allowed our input into situations. Other than that minor setback, it's a great school that I's recommend to everyone.
The teachers help you and you know they want you to succeed and graduate on time. Some of the teachers dont put in a lot of work and some are very unorganized.
I really enjoyed the environment of the school. The staff and faculty members really cared about their jobs, and it showed in their work. I felt a connection amongst my teachers, and I could tell they truly wanted me to succeed. The school could use some new materials though. The bathrooms are run down, and the textbooks are old. Overall, I had a phenomenal experience at this high school.
I liked Colony High school because I had some wonderful teachers that actually cared about the students, showed up before school hours, and were involved in extra-curricular functions to provide students a learning experience in many aspects of life. I had encouraging coaches and enjoyed the spirit that the school carries. Some things that could be improved are things like the individuality of students, letting them decorate graduation caps, and treating the students as grown individuals and not just respecting the parents.
I have enjoyed my time at Colony quite a bit. The teachers and most students are always willing to help out. Since I can no longer say that we have the only marching band in the stare, I will say that we have the best one and I have enjoyed being a part of that my entire time here.
Small classes allow more one on one with teachers. Wide variety of sports and classes offered. Most teachers at this school are very understandable and give students many opportunities for additional help. A lot of Advanced Placement classes are offered, which allowed me to go to school with practically a full semester of credits. The school does an okay job of keeping students involved during different parts of the year and the teachers are very flexible for students involved in many sports or hard classes. There is a decent amount of clubs students can join, many of which are community service focused.
I like Colony High School because the school spirit is amazing. Whenever we have sporting events, it doesn't matter if it's held at our school or not, Colony students and staff always show up to show how much they love our school. There's always huge crowds of green, white, and black paint, tutus, full body-suits, and Colony gear. It makes it so much more fun to watch sports like football or basketball because the crowd is cheering so loud and everyone gets so into it. We have the greatest super fans! The school spirit is what I am going to miss the most when I leave Colony High.
Colony High School is a very student-oriented school; the administration and teachers encourage student input in decisions regarding the classroom, school spirit, and more.
I love Colony High School. The teachers there cared about my academics and my well being. They were also dedicated and nice. The classrooms were all nice, as well as the lockers. I've never had any issues with the school or items I was using there. The library is excellent, with a variety of books to choose from and a helpful librarian. The front office ladies are all so sweet and helpful. I think my favorite part of high school was the sports. I had great coaches that pushed me and gave me all the tools I needed to succeed. Because of them, I've had an active and happy four years of sports.
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Colony was okay when it comes to academics. They are considered the strict school of the valley and I believe that’s very true. Being a senior about to leave I sadly can’t say I enjoyed my highschool years because everything fun or anything that strayed away from the path was shut down at the students life learning expenses. I got in. Got an education. I’m done. Wasn’t great, wasn’t awful. Just wish they’d realize we’re in school more than with our own families let’s try not to make it miserable.
Colony is one of the most known schools in Alaska because of its sports, academics, and the best marching band. There are clubs and organizations for EVERYTHING!
I love Colony High. I feel safe here and I would never want to go to another school. The teachers and counselors are very invested in students academics and lives. The staff cares for everyone at the school.
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