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Colonial Heights High School is a safe school with great faculty & staff. They help their students prepare for college. I only wish they had more specialty programs like technology or performing arts.
My experience in high school has been exactly what I have always wanted. All of the staff is so amazing, and they are always willing to help. It is evident that the teachers want us to do our best and they strive to ensure that happens. Colonial Heights is an amazing city to live in. This high school has given me many opportunities I will forever be grateful for.
The small school environment allowed for close relationships to be made. Having such a close knit community provided many opportunities for success. That being said, it has lead me to want a bigger college environment.
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I love the small class size and how personal CHHS is. There are a variety of clubs for students to join. With a small class size everyone knows everyone so theirs always someone to talk too. Teachers have a close relationship with students and no one is scared to ask for help.
Colonial Heights High School is a school with good academics and teachers well as good opportunities to help students after they graduate
I think the school is pretty good. The Drama and Arts departments are amazing,and everyone in them are super kind and friendly! Most people in the school are really nice too. I personally have never been bullied in this school system. The only things I would change is the cockroaches,and the food.
Colonial Heights High School is not on par with other school in Virginia due to the fact that the AP program is lacking. There are around 5-6 AP classes at Colonial Heights, while at some other high schools, in northern Virginia for example, have close to 20 AP classes. At Colonial Heights, you will be disadvantaged for college because you will be behind in the amount of credits that you have.
Great school with staff that are always willing to help you prepare for your future. Overall, there isn't anything to complain about. All of the schools in Colonial Heights have been excellent. The sports team aren't top of the line, but there are plenty of sports to choose from.
Being at Colonial Heights High School the past four years has taught me three main things: not everyone is my friend, people are cruel, and highschool is only four years of my life, I shouldn't worry about what people think because after I leave, I will probably never speak to 99% of the students there again.
Colonial Heights has a very good school system, the classes are taught by great educators however, like every other small town, if you aren't from there, you're against them. Not being born in Colonial Heights makes you seem less superior, you look stupid to many who have lived there their whole lives. I suggest that if you aren't from the area, and do not want your kids to come home upset everyday because of the children who attend the school, choose somewhere else for your precious little ones to grow up.
Being enrolled in CHHS for, now, my fourth year, I believe this school is very cultured and prepared for progressing its students up to college. The excellent teachers and bonds you make with everyone along the way is phenomenal, and I know that this may be hard to grasp within few systems. The only thing I would say that I would choose to change within this school system is passion about a name few of teachers and increase the activities readily available. Being enrolled in one of the busiest organizations within the school, I find it difficult to participate in much else as our band program is very dedicated and hard-working, grabbing hold of as many days of rehearsal possible.
While I was in school, you would have never heard me say a bad thing about CH, except that our sports programs needed some updating. Teachers cared about us as individuals and I did not feel like we lacked anything that other schools had, besides and updated building. Now as a college student, I have learned they did not prepare us well for college which is what high school is geared towards now. They did not share with us different career paths out there, I did not know what engineering was until I went to school and even now my definition is still vague. They did not offer up possible summer programs to try at various universities and just always assumed if we passed classes we would be fine in college and going eeny-meeny-miney-moe would work for choosing a major.
It's a great school. The teachers try their best to help you when you help. I truly believe that the school its self needs to allow cell phone usage in school.
Colonial Heights High School is a place that promotes all types of people to succeed. The staff is always skilled in their subject, and they really know what they are doing. Even in the advanced placement classes, the teachers communicate the information clearly. The school provides a good amount of AP classes for students to take. As for sports, all of Colonial Heights High School's sports have good equipment for the athletes to use. The school also has the only swim team in the district as well!
My experience at Colonial Heights high school in the past few years has been great. The teachers here are friendly and dedicated. They care about each and every human's well-being and makes sure they are always learning something new. We are very school spirited and have much dedication to each sport we have here. As a cheerleader for my high school, the whole team and I have become family. We have bonded in ways I could have never imagined and I have found the best of friends here while still receiving a great education.
Overall experience has been average compared to the neighboring school district that offers more clubs and activities and courses. However, this school has an amazing tech center that prepares the student who wishes to start a job post recieving their high school diploma.
I had recently moved to Colonial Heights to finish my Senior year. And overall i felt like they played favoritism and were somewhat biased. There’s only one high school, one middle school, and one elementary school in the entire district. So administration knew all the kids that were in PTA and such so they showed favoritism when it came to discipline and other activities. And like i said, everybody knew everybody so the teachers would gossip about teenage gossip (very unprofessional). But other than that, the lunch food was always good 🙂
Colonial Heights small student population makes it easier to know lots of people and be friends with them. At Colonial Heights, the teacher's goal is to help you succeed and have a better and brighter future. The only thing I would like to change is making the 6 point grading scale to a 10 point scale.
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Colonial Heights offers great opportunities academically however for me that's where it stops. There is major drug problem within the school and issues with bullying. I refuse to let my other kids stay in this district.
This school is amazing. The staff is wonderful and the students are held to a strict standard, which I love. They are a step above many other nearby localities in education.
I liked the teachers at the school. They don't offer a huge variety of courses, but there are some that are interesting. Too much energy is focused on certain students while others are expected to fail. The food was good at one point but got bad in 2015.
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