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The teachers are very influential and inspiring when you get to know them. They work with you and try to give you the best results possible. They also offer extra help and tutoring to the students. The students are very involved and welcoming which make it such a great environment.
Colonia high school has been a great experience. I love that it’s very diversified and has a lot involvement within our community. I enjoy being a part of Colonia’s soccer and basketball team. Being part of a sports team at Colonia has taught me confidence and discipline. Teachers. Coaches, and counselors have all helped me academically and athletically to achieve my goals and guide me with my future decision. The school has given me great memories and friends I will have forever.
I loved doing track and cross country. I did all four years of school. However, there many things that can be done to make the school better. The school lunch has made me sick more times than I can count, and they ought to higher better services (like DJs) for school events. Also, when a student is being treated unfairly, it is ignored. For example, when a student wore an off-shoulder top she was forced to change, but the teachers said nothing to other students who wore shorts that barely covered their rear ends.
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Colonia is a school with lots of school spirit and student engagement. You get a good sense of community at CHS. Colonia offers an array of clubs, societies, and athletic programs for its students. In terms of academics, you are being taught by teachers that care about your education and your long term goals outside of high school. The english department is the best here!
Colonia High School is filled with diverse students and faculty. I appreciate the college readiness they provide students with. The administration is always willing to hear parent input.
Absolutely nice school .Great learning experience, good teachers..Pleasant environment..So far so good!!
Great school. Multiple available resources, nice teachers. Very white though, which has its pros and cons. Food is meh. I wish they had R track dance, music and art classes when I was there.
Colonia High School is a school that values education, and infusing technology into the curriculum. It is a good use of tax dollars.
Colonia High School is a very fun place to go to school. We have the three C's in the school which are Character, Commitment and Community. These three words are used all throughout the school. Every fall there is an event called spirit week and we have a pep rally at the end of the week which was what I looked forward to every year. The administration and staff make Colonia High School more than just a school, they consider everyone as a family.
Colonia High School is an amazing school, practically everything is well thought out, and well executed. My favorite part about this school is the diversity in the students that go there, no matter who you are, or where you come from, you will always find a group of people that you could relate to. Although, the one thing I would like to change about this school is how strict they are. you can get in trouble for doing practically anything that is even to the slightest degree offensive, even if nobody was offended.
Most of the teachers at Colonia high school are very caring and will do everything they can to help you succeed.
If you are looking for an open-minded and innovative environment, CHS is the place for you. You just must be clear with what you want. We have so many amazing clubs and sports. Students come from all over the world. And the teachers are legendary!
I met a lot of new and different people and made many friends. Teachers treated students professionally for the most part. There were many fun clubs and activities one could join after school in which both students and teachers were very enthusiastic in.
The only downside would be the students (behaviour-wise). A good amount of students the "didn't really care", cutting class, being rude in general, not receiving the discipline they needed.
However, the teachers and staff would usually do their best to discipline such students. The only downside to that would be (NOT all teachers- some in particular) a negative attitude towards most students.
Another thing that would be best improved would be the Gym class. Not all classes were equally active (certain periods would literally just walk/ sit around while others would play more sports/ do more activities).
Overall Colonia High is a great school. They have good clubs and activities as well as good staff member. They are all daily kind and help students out.
Colonia High school had its ups and downs. They push you hard if your are a student athlete which shouldn't be the case. All students should be focused on equally. Colonia has a lot to offer for future college students with options of college classes and AP courses which any student can choose to take freely.
I enjoy the diversity Colonia High School brings to its student. There is a wide array of student activity and opportunity for involvement. If not sports, students are given the chance to try art, music, or chorus. Colonia High School gives a great amount of opportunity to each and every student. To make Colonia High School even greater, I would encourage more funding to be put into education and the tools needed for kids to receive education such as books and technology.
The school, itself, is very good. There are little things that can be done to improve it, but there are no major flaws in the school.
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I really enjoyed my high school experience. Our faculty is amazing: they are all so passionate about what they do and it reflects onto their students. It was not hard for me at all to find where I belong and I made friends very easily. There are so many opportunities to get involved and most students take advantage of them. In the past years it has gotten better, but I wish there was some more support for the arts. Sports are great, but they often overshadow the arts. Also there is sometimes a lack of communication between administration and the teachers or between the teachers and students. Also I wish we received some more help while going through the college application process. Overall though, it was four years I enjoyed and will never forget.
Colonia provided me with a lot of extracurricular activities for me to get involved. The teachers that teach AP courses are passionate about the subject and the students. I would give a special thanks to the Gifted and Talented program because my teacher helped us both inside and outside the classroom beyond what was expected. However, there is a large emphasis on those who excel in sports. I wish the administration and teachers appreciated the intellects more than the athletes. The athletes were rewarded for completing a season or winning a game. The academic team received second in 4 tournaments in the same year and received no accolades.
My experience at Colonia High School was decent. There were a lot of nice teachers. There were some restrictions that made certain things a little u comfortable. I would like to have them add more elective choices.
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