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I just recently graduated from Colome. I came here Second semester of my freshman year. There were 19 kids in my class. I loved the smaller class size because it meant more one on one time with teachers. Here the teachers actually cared about how you were doing and if you understood what was going on in class. They may not completely prepare us for college but the knowledge we do get we actually retain. The down side of Colome is how old the building is, its over 100 years old. There is no elevator and 4 flights of stairs with no rubber grips for your shoes. The school is also 3 different buildings. Another thing is the doors are dangerous, very often kids almost or do get hit by them.
If you love a tight knit community that takes school spirit very seriously than this is your school. Although be careful, if you don't have the right last name don't expect to go far or get much playing time. And when I say tight knit I mean tight knit. The teachers were great. Although the school could do more to get students ready for college and the real world. It is very different once you venture away from the small town of Colome, SD.
I have been a student for 5 years and I love it. The teacher have helped me so much over the years with everything. The classes have taught me so much.
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I very rarely feel unsafe. Black Hills State University is an overall safe environment.
I always see clubs meeting in Club Buzz and they always seem to have a good time. If I had more time I would join one as well!
I don't think I can give my say for all parents on campus considering I do not know ALL parents on campus.
I've had some really great teachers who are very passionate in what they do and a few not so much!
I suppose its average...its an old school and they try to modernize as they can
There is a wide range for the size of the is small, so students have a hard time joining everything they are interested in. Most advisors only do what they have to, not go to any extra actions for the sake of the kids
The one strong point at this school is their athletics program. The only problem is the fact that the coaches do sometimes show favoritism to certain students and neglects others.
The administration is good about dealing with the daily runnings of the school as far as cost, and such, but as far as the education decisions and the overall conduct and attitude of the students is rarely adressed
it started out to be a great place for our daughter when she began, but they have allowed students to bully and gossip about each other and there seems to be nothing being done to stop it.
They are good about posting information for the kids, but there is no real discipline of a lot of the within student bullying that I can see. It is mostly handled by the students themselves.
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